Vendor and Sponsor Information

Thank you for participating in Tenn-Share's DataFest and/or School Library Collection Fair. Please review the preliminary DataFest schedule and contact Tenn-Share if your session should not be near a specific vendor. For Collection Fair, please review the vendor list and contact Tenn-Share if your table should not be near a specific vendor.

Location Attendees Promoting the event Lodging
Presentations What's the difference in the events? Setting up Day of the event
Shipping Draft Schedule Factors that delight attendees Feedback after the event

The events will be held at the Nashville Public Library Conference Center, 615 Church Street, Nashville, Tennessee 37219. The Center is on the 1st floor, and we have sessions on the 2nd and 3rd floor rooms as well. There is parking under the building. The maximum fee is $14.00 for the day.

Typically there are 150-200 attendees. The percentages below are averages. There is a Display Roster option on the registration page to see the list of names.
Academic = 20%
K-12 = 50%
Public = 24%
Special = 6%

Promoting the event
Tenn-Share's staff, Board of Directors, Marketing Committee and other volunteers will promote the events, highlighting sponsors and vendors, through social media and at least one mailing if funds allow. Sponsors, please email a company logo to Tenn-Share or upload it. It will be used online and in print. Please send one high resolution image or 72dpi image for the web and 300dpi (minimum) image for the printed program.

Because Tenn-Share's events are small and Nashville's hotel industry is booming, Tenn-Share cannot secure hotel rooms. We can't even keep up with which hotels are being built. We suggest searching for rates as soon as possible at your favorite hotel chain website, the Nashville Convention and Visitors Corporation reservation page, AirBNB, or Scarritt-Bennett Center lodging (close to downtown and economical, some rooms are en suite).

Please view the Draft Schedule. If your vendor/product has the phrase "no description" next to it, please complete the presentation description form by September 30, 2019. There is a fun theme this year for Fall Conference on October 18 - Data Storm: Bridging Divides, Navigating Data, and Harnessing Change for Good. Although it’s not officially the theme for DataFest on October 17, you have the option of tailoring your 30-minute presentation to fit that theme.
  • The sessions should not be a sales pitch, but rather teach attendees how to use your product(s) to better serve their communities (see the Tenn-Share mission statement). 
  • Include a short (less than 50 word) blurb for each scheduled session (some may have more than one product in a session). 
  • Include the official name of your product(s). This info will be used on the web site and the printed program, if there is one.
  • Tenn-Share’s DataFest Committee members are available to help shape your presentation.

What's the difference?
  • DataFest is Thursday, October 17, from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm* and features vendors presenting SESSIONS. Only sponsoring vendors have TABLES. Space on the schedule is limited and session times are assigned on a first paid, first served basis, meaning the first vendors to pay are given their preferred times (e.g., early morning), and others will be placed in remaining slots. The sessions are in specific rooms based on library type tracks.
  • School Library Collection Fair is also Thursday, October 17, from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm*, and features school-library related book distributors and suppliers exhibiting. All vendors have one TABLE each. Space in the facility is limited to 14 vendors. Attendance is difficult to quantify as there is no required registration, however, anticipate at least 50 school librarians and others who are curious. Vendors are in one area, room 1A/B, for maximum visibility.
  • Fall Conference is Friday, October 18, from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm*, and features librarians discussing, presenting, brainstorming, and demonstrating about a topic related to resource sharing or the conference theme in 45-minute sessions or 10-minute Ten for Tenns. Only sponsoring vendors at $750 and above (Jubilee, River Pearl, Volunteer) have speaking slots if they request them. Attendance averages 100 librarians. Here is a sample schedule.
*Times are approximate and depend on the final schedules for DataFest and Fall Conference.

Setting up
  • You may set up in the Conference Center between 1:00 and 5:00 pm on Wednesday, October 16th.
  • Please do not tape, tack or anchor anything on the Conference Center walls.
  • Materials can be shipped to Nashville Public Library.  Shipping instructions are below.  Please keep in mind the scale of this event. 
  • There is open wireless Internet access all through the conference center and library for your personal devices.
  • Bring your own laptop; the rooms will have projectors.  
  • The rooms available range in seating from 30 to 300. 
  • There will be a shared literature table on which you can leave materials.
Day of the event
  • You may enter the library on Thursday at 9:00 am. 
  • Meals:  Breakfast and lunch will be supplied by Tenn-Share, thanks in part to your support. 
  • Please break down boxes and leave them beside your table at the end of the day.
  • NPL will ship packages for you if they are prepared and labeled. 
  • Please ship in a trackable way and be sure that materials arrive at 2 days prior.
    • E-mail Georgia Varbel,, prior to shipping with the following info:
      • Ground carrier
      • Date scheduled to arrive
      • # of boxes
    • Items should arrive no earlier than 2 days prior to event.  A $25.00 a day storage fee will be charged for items arriving earlier.
    • Boxes should be shipped to:
Nashville Public Library Conference Center
ATTN:  Georgia Varble
FOR:   Tenn-Share DataFest
615 Church Street
Nashville, TN  37219
  • Mark boxes 1 of 10, 2 of 10, 3 of 10…, etc.
If you have boxes to ship after the event, they need to be packed and sealed with a pre-printed shipping label attached.  Just leave them in the hallway for pickup.

Draft Schedule (VIEW ONLY)

Factors that delight attendees and Tenn-Share
Tenn-Share provides breakfast and lunch both days, thanks to your sponsorship. Everyone loves give-aways so we have a raffle on one or both days, depending on the gifts we receive. If your company is interested in contributing to the raffle, or helping with in-kind donations such as printing programs, contact us.

Feedback after the event 
Tenn-Share will email a survey to all vendor representatives and attendees. One of the questions in the survey is if the attendee is interested in Tenn-Share investigating a group discount if there is not already one in place. Tenn-Share will share the results of the attendee survey with vendors, and use the vendor survey results to improve the program.

Refund Policy