Share Your Stuff

Share Your Stuff is the Tenn-Share initiative to create a statewide catalog and establish a courier service for consortial borrowing. This project will expand all of our libraries' resources and improve interlibrary loan operations considerably across the state.

Implementing the "Share Your Stuff" vision requires us to address these three issues:

  1. Discovery (state wide catalog)
  2. Streamlined processes for placing and filling requests & filling requests (such as the OCLC Interlibrary Loan Group)
  3. Rapid delivery of physical materials


Tennessee Library Catalogs

  1. – Most of Tennessee’s academic and larger public libraries, as well as many school libraries, already have their holdings in WorldCat. Join the group subscription Tenn-Share has in place.
  2. TN Public Library Catalog  –  on AutoGraphics AGent. AutoGraphics is the ILL platform used by all the public libraries of the Regional Library System. These public library holdings are mostly not included in the WorldCat catalog; only a few of the public libraries update their holdings on OCLC.

Through the efforts of David Atkins at UT Knoxville, and Jack Stacy at the State Library, WorldCat and AutoGraphics are now able to work together to enable ILL requests from both systems.

Regional successes

InfoToGo: A resource-sharing network among Knox County public, school, and academic libraries, InfoToGo provides systems support, training, and courier services as a suite of services required for a model local resource sharing network.

East Tennessee's Shared Millennium Catalog: A resource-sharing network among Northeast State Technical Community College, East Tennessee State University and the Holston River Regional public libraries. Nearly 2 million items are available, with over 44,000 books transported by existing courier services last year.

Project Athena: The Nashville Area Library Alliance’s ILL program within a 50-mile radius of Nashville.

Statewide Success:

Currently East Tennessee State University and the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, partner with Tennessee State Library and Archives-sponsored public libraries to provide interlibrary loans across the state. ETSU and UTK connect their holdings and interlibrary loan systems to the state’s Auto-Graphics network, making their collections freely available to Tennessee’s public libraries.