Membership Renewal Instructions


The Tenn-Share website allows the Primary Contact for each library to create a membership invoice and/or pay online  with a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover) to renew. If Tenn-Share has already sent an invoice via QuickBooks, we will reconcile it with the one you create here. We appreciate your renewal and participation! One limitation of the system is that only the Primary Contact can renew for the library, even if other staff have logins and might see the Renew Membership option. Here are the instructions.
The Primary Contact at each library can renew by logging in. 
  1. On the left, under Account Details, select Membership Renewal. 
  2. The first screen will summarize the library's current account status. Click NEXT on the bottom of the screen.
  3. On the next screen, Select the Membership Cost that applies to the library's budget, including staff salaries, The budget category and membership cost on the previous screen was for the previous year, so you need to Select it on this page so that the payment options will show at the bottom of the screen. As we know, sometimes budgets change. Also, if your library is paying by credit card, please update the MEMBERSHIP COST to the matching option that ends in "-CREDIT CARD". Tenn-Share has added a convenience fee of $3 - $10. 
  4. At the bottom of the screen the Primary Contact will choose Register & Pay Online or Register & Bill Me. The Primary Contact can pay online with a credit card. If the Bill Me option is chosen, the invoice will NOT be emailed. It will be in My Invoices in the Primary Contact's profile, on the left, under Account Details, where it can be printed, or paid later via credit card.
  5. (Optional but appreciated) While you're in your organization's record, please update these fields [(County, Region of Tennessee, School District or Academic System, and FTE (academic)/Students enrolled (school)/Population served (public)] and add position titles and roles to staff members who have records.
The Primary Contact can also add, edit and delete staff accounts. Once you login, click on a link called "Your Account", then on the left side under the Account Details section, click on My Associates.

Here is the difference in Roles:
  • Primary: can only have one' they are the billing contact, can renew everything, can add people to the organization, can edit the organization's info
  • Affiliate: can have multiple; they can receive emails, update company's info, can add associates, can renew anyone, but are NOT the default billing contact
  • Representative: can only update their own contact record
If you have trouble with these instructions or logging in, please contact Tenn-Share. We appreciate everyone who has helped us fine-tune these instructions and everyone who has been patient as we learn the system.