President's Message Spring 2017

Leah AllisonSpring 2017 President’s Address
Leah Allison

Spring here at St. George’s Independent School has sprung. Final touches are being put on semester research projects. Advance Placement exams crank up in 2 weeks. The last due date for library materials is 20 days away. Final exams are on the horizon, and there are 31 days until our senior class graduates. Picture this—100 kids decked out in caps and gowns, marching into graduation led faculty decked out in full regalia, plus a drum major and 5 bag pipers (yep, it’s an impressive site). For the McClain Library, spring means evaluating current services and making decisions about what to renew or drop for next year. The print collection has to be inventoried. Summer reading book talks and book fair are right around the corner. So much to do! So, as a K-12 librarian… What’s Tenn-Share’s role in all of this? Tenn-Share membership. Most of my print collection will come from Ingram at a 30% discount.
While all of this activity marking the end of my academic year is happening, a large part of my focus is getting ready 2017-2018. My administration is looking into refurbing the library; new furniture and library spaces will mark the new year. Several print orders will need to be done over the summer to keep our collection timely and stocked with new fiction for our pleasure readers (I’m blessed to have a large crew of kids who LOVE to read for fun). I am lucky. My administration understands and supports what I and my middle school librarian do. They work hard to help us better serve my faculty and students each new year with resources that are useful to their work as educators and pupils. What’s Tenn-Share’s role in all of this? All of my processing materials will come from Demco at a discounted price.
What’s Tenn-Share’s role in the rest of my work? The Tenn-Share discount! My site licenses for movies will come from Movie Licensing USA at a discount because again, we are Tenn-Share participants.
Membership pays off in savings. Tenn-Share is the great equalizer for libraries. Because organizations join Tenn-Share, they are able to purchase materials and resources cheaply. That helps level the playing ground for all library types, regardless of how deep the budget goes. Tenn-Share supports the advocacy battles libraries are experiencing. Tenn-Share is also working hard to fund a pleasure reading e-book program for school libraries across the state, again leveling the playing field for K-12’s regardless of location or district funding. Stay tuned for more information! 
Tenn-Share does great things for all library types. Please take a few moments and renew your Tenn-Share membership in June. Add your brain power and energy by serving on a committee, or volunteering to help with DataFest and/or Fall Conference. Think about becoming a board member the next time the call goes out. Support Tenn-Share because Tenn-Share supports you.

lallison [at] sgis [dot] org