Tenn-Share's OCLC Interlibrary Loan Group allows you to quickly find other Tenn-Share member libraries to borrow from on OCLC's WorldCat Resource Sharing platform. You can then use custom strings to further narrow down to the libraries nearest you, or other criteria (such as users of the same courier service that your library uses). This also works with the OCLC WorldCat Resource Sharing deflection functionality.

The group symbol is TNSH. The group began with about 60 Tennessee libraries who participate in the Tenn-Share discount on FirstSearch. If your library is in the group you will see the group symbol in your institutional policy directory account as well as on the Lender Pending/In Process ILL request.

After subscribing to WorldCat Resource Sharing and getting an OCLC symbol, add your symbol to the Tenn-Share ILL Group. Send Melissa Brenneman (mbrenneman [at] knoxlib [dot] org) your OCLC symbol and please remember to identify your library in your email.

At this time, there are no requirements for the group other than being a Tenn-Share member.

Group catalog

Suzanne Butte's presentation at the 2012 Fall Conference.