Firefly FAQ

Using the Firefly Courier’s Website

What if I need to add an item to a shipment?

Just open the bag and add the item and close the bag again. We’re not paying by weight, so it doesn’t matter. You don't need to change any information in the system.

How do I know what I shipped out last week?

Go to Reports, then to Delivery Manifest. Put in the dates you want and Submit. You will see the list of libraries you shipped to and their Order Number.

What if I get an error message when I try to login to the Firefly or my question is not answered here?

If you receive an error message when trying to login, or have another issue related to the website that is not addressed in the FAQ list, please contact Tenn-Share.

How do I reprint a damaged label?

Login to the courier system and select Tracking. Enter the order # and click on Track It. When the screen comes up you have the option at the top to print.

How do I change our library's password?

Login to the courier system using your current password. Go to the Your Account tab, then select Administration. The fourth option will allow you to change the password.

How do I find a tracking number for a package?

In your account, go to Reports, then to Delivery Manifest. Put in the dates you want and Submit. You will see the list of libraries you shipped to and their Order Number How do I add or delete a library from my address book on the RR Donnelley website?

Click on the Edit Address Book link on the left menu bar.  To add a library, select New Address, an option that is above the list of libraries.  To delete a library, find the library in the list and click on Delete.  Be careful and sure you want to delete a library, as there is no prompt to ask you if you are sure before the listing is removed.  


If information is incorrect (name, email, hours, etc.) on the Firefly Members list, where should I report it?

Please report the correct information on the Firefly Courier Issues Form so that we can make the change in everyone's address book.

How do I join Firefly?

It's easy! Just contact Tenn-Share or complete the registration form.

Which libraries are currently members of Firefly?

Check the Members page for the latest updates.

Filling orders

Does my library have to send any materials for which there is a request?

Your library is not obligated to fulfill a request if doing so would not be in the best interest of your library or its patrons. For example, if your library has very few audiobooks, your library may not want to loan them via ILL.

Problem reporting

How do I report a courier no-show?

Complete the Firefly Courier Issues Form.

How do I claim a missing, lost or damaged package?

To report a package that is missing, lost or damaged, use the Firefly Courier Issues Form. You may also use the Issues Form to file a claim. If you prefer a paper form, use the Expak Claim Form, and email it to execdir @ and customerservice @ CLAIMS MUST BE FILED WITHIN 30 DAYS OF THE EXPECTED DELIVERY, LOSS OR DAMAGE DATE. Expak will complete the claim within 60 days.

What do I do if something I sent is returned undelivered?

To report a package that was returned to your library rather than delivered, complete the Firefly Courier Issues Form.

What if I receive a bag addressed to another library?

  • Peek inside to make sure someone wasn’t being psychic and the bag should really be yours!
  • If it isn’t yours, leave the address label intact. Changing it could affect tracking information.
  • Put the bag with your next outgoing shipments. It will not show up on any of your Delivery Manifests, so you may pencil it in if you want.
  • You may notify the lending and borrowing libraries to let them know that you received the errant shipment and you are sending it to the destination.

But isn't it a problem?

  • If it happens once or rarely, it’s not a problem. Simply notifying the libraries and putting the bag into your outgoing should be enough.
  • If it becomes chronic, then you do have a problem. If you keep getting another library’s bags, the problem could be with either the shipping library or the courier. Start by contacting the shipping library as they may be making mistakes in their processes.
  • If that’s not the problem, contact Tenn-Share.

How do I cancel an order?

Submit the order number on the Firefly Courier Issues Form

What if all the books in the bag are for my library except one and it should have gone to another library altogether?

  • If it's an isolated incident, just send the book on its merry way.
  • If it's a repeated incident from the same library, contact that library. Send the book on its merry way.
  • If you can’t tell which way to send it, contact either the borrowing library or the lending library or just send it to the borrowing library.

Service changes

How do I schedule a temporary closure and stop courier pickup/deliveries?

  1. Complete the Firefly Courier Issues Form.
  2. Public libraries should also coordinate with their regional libraries.
  3. You may also announce your closure dates to the Firefly list (e.g. “UT, Knoxville will be closed for Winter Break for the following dates….” ) and announce to the list when you are ready to receive deliveries.

What do I do when another library closes?

  • If you know when a library will reopen, you can either:
    • keep shipping to the closed library and the courier will deliver when they reopen; or
    • sit on your shipments until the library reopens.
  • If you don’t know when the library will reopen, say after a bad storm or other unforeseen calamity, hold onto your shipments until you get more information from the library.

On which holidays is the courier not operating? (linked here)

How will I know if the courier is going to be delayed or not going to make a stop?

When there is a delay in service to a library or route of libraries someone at Tenn-Share will contact the libraries impacted via email and/or call depending on the number of locations impacted.  For instance, if there is an ice storm in upper East Tennessee that prevents a courier from reaching the libraries in that area, we will send an email to all of the libraries impacted.  Whereas, if a circumstance impacts only one or a couple of libraries, Tenn-Share might call the library directly.


What if someone from my institution's ___ department wants to send something to another institution's ____ department, can we use the courier for that?

Of course, just be sure to thoroughly address the package; name, phone number/email are essential when the shipment is not for interlibrary loan.

What should I do about a damaged bag?

Bags will tear, zippers break.  If you can’t repair a bag, just toss it. You do not need to inform the library that sent you the bag.

Will I get my bag back when I lend or return items to other libraries?

No, you can't assume you'll get your very own bag returned to you. Bags, like information, want to be free. They will travel through the network like a backpacker on a Eurorail pass, and your library is like a hostel. Eventually you may find that you are running low and need more bags to come to you. When that happens, send out a request for bags to the Firefly list.

What if I run low on bags?

  • Ask on the Firefly listserv for libraries who have some to share with you. If 10 libraries send 5 bags apiece, you’ll get 50 bags.
  • If you haven’t purchased Firefly bags or otherwise contributed reusable bags to the network, you’ll not be eligible to request more bags.
  • Please respond if someone asks and send 1 or 2 at the very least if you can spare them.
  • If it appears that there are not enough reusable bags in the network, Tenn-Share can discuss purchase options with members.

Can we use any odd bags that we have, or other packaging?

  • Yes, you may use any packaging you would use for U.S. Postal Service (USPS) shipping.
  • Boxes are acceptable, but please be sure all older marking/shipping information has been crossed out.
  • One library has used FedEx/UPS bubble paks turned inside out. That works!
  • Jiffy bags are okay.
  • You may use courier bags that you already have.
  • You may use durable bins or totes, but not those that belong to the USPS.

How do I purchase Firefly bags? 

Tenn-Share has courier bags imprinted with the Firefly logo available for sale. These are 18"x14" durable poly nylon bags, blue with a black zipper and a long zipper pull, with a 5"x7" clear vinyl card holder for mailing labels. Tenn-Share will provide them to you for $8.00 each.

  • If you are a public library, contact your TSLA regional library for bags.  Regionals will provide bags for the libraries they support.
  • For all other libraries, fill in the Firefly Issues Form.

Can I mix borrowing and lending books in the same bag?

Yes, as long as they’re all going to the same address.

Since each bag’s contents is only insured for $100, should I limit how many items we stuff in each bag?

That is a judgment call. Remember, it costs the same if you ship 1 bag or 10 bags. If you have multiple items going to one location, you can split those items up among multiple bags. Simply generate a mailing label for each bag; 10 bags = 10 labels.

Do I have to log each shipment?

You will be able to track shipments. However, you can also log items. If someone needs to know when a particular item was shipped, the logs can help.