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What is Firefly?
Firefly is a courier system operated by Tenn-Share, to help libraries save money and encourage sharing for ILLs among more than 200 public and academic libraries. Libraries share ~140,000 items each year.

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Email Jodie Gambill to be added to the Firefly listserv for important communications to Firefly members. If you have any general questions, suggestions, hints or epiphanies, please share with the listserv, FIREFLY@LIST.VANDERBILT.EDU.

Buy bags by using the Firefly Issues Form. You can also ask for bags to be sent to your library from libraries with a surplus by sending a message to the Firefly list above.
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Realize significant savings of materials handling by ordering courier bags through Tenn-Share. Contact Tenn-Share with the number of bags you need at $8.00 each. The dimensions are 18.25 x 13.25 x 11.5 inches.
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We should all add FIREFLY to a specific field in the Constant Data in OCLC and/or ShareIt so that it shows up in each request. We're looking for a quick and simple reminder to ship items via the courier.