Fall Conference 2017 presentation page

Keynote Presentation:
Student Success: Programs that Work

All libraries play an important role in life-long learning and student success. Dr. Windrow will speak about how the Drive to 55 has encouraged colleges and universities to revise strategies aimed at improving recruitment, retention, and matriculation. He will share methods for reaching out to underserved, adult, and first-generation students, and improving student outcomes.
Dr. Vincent Windrow, Assistant Vice Provost for Student Success, Middle Tennessee State University

Panel: How are libraries supporting life-long learning and the drive to 55?

  • Stephanie Ham, Director of Library Services, Metro Nashville Public Schools
  • Dinah Harris, Director, Jackson-Madison County Library
  • Matt Kirby, Regional Director, Falling Water Regional Library
  • Pat Van Zandt, Dean of University Libraries, East Tennessee State University
Facilitator: Mary Ellen Sloane, Science Librarian, Middle Tennessee State University

Beyond the College Campus:  Designing an Academic Library/High School Partnership for Student Success
In 2011, MTSU Walker Library coordinated with an area magnet high school intending to simply introduce 200 gifted high school seniors to a collegiate research experience. These students had a capstone thesis project requiring access to resources not available at the school library. We provided library orientation and taught them basic collegiate level research skills. The students had the opportunity to utilize a wide variety of resources for their research, and they were also exposed to an important cornerstone of a college campus. The 2011 experience quickly developed into a formal partnership and today ultimately serves as the model for other Walker Library/area high school partnerships. As of 2017, we are partnering with seven area high schools, and more partners are coming. The success of these partnerships has gained the attention of numerous MTSU campus officials and is now becoming a part of the MTSU student recruitment process. This presentation will describe the structure of the Walker Library/high school partnerships, will detail how they were originally set up and how the partnerships have evolved, and will conclude with  a summary of lessons learned so far.
Christy Groves, Middle Tennessee State University

Bridging Digital Collections with the Education Community
Funded through the Library of Congress, Teaching with Primary Sources seeks to connect educators with the wealth of primary sources available through the Library's digital collections. In Tennessee, TPS-MTSU creates a wide variety of educational resources and helps to foster a dialogue around how to bring in historic sites, museums, and other digital collections along with Library of Congress materials to enrich the classroom experience. "Trials, Triumphs, and Transformations" is a digital collection project with partners from across the state that brings the African American experience in Tennessee from Reconstruction to the Civil Rights Movements to life. This session will explore how we have worked to connect educators to this project and ways that libraries can enhance their relationship with the K-12 education community.
Kira Duke & Dr. Susan Knowles, Middle Tennessee State University Center for Historic Preservation

Building Partnerships between School and Public Libraries: Successes and Challenges
A non-routine goal inspired the Brentwood Library to connect with public school libraries in our service population. A committee was formed and a brainstorming session focused on the following initiatives: teacher/school library card registrations; joint planning of a Williamson Loves Library event; technology additions to supplement school resources; setting up a courier system; book donations; resource sharing with parents and teachers; and hosting a late night exam week event. The details, challenges and successes of this initiative will be presented. What started as a non-routine goal for one year is now a standing committee at the library as we continue to expand our relationship with the public schools.
Katie Creecy & Brigid Day, The Brentwood Library

Community Partnerships for Teen Programs
I currently have partnerships with several of our local businesses. I will speak about how to do this and what it's done for us. Local businesses can help librarians tremendously by donating materials and support. This also lets the businesses feel like they are helping the community. I will let librarians know where to go, who to ask, how to ask, and what to do after.
Della Phipps, Chattanooga Public Library-Northgate Branch
Conversations in the Commons: Exploring Ways to Support the Drive to 55 with Library Programs
In this informal session, librarians are invited to brainstorm and share ideas on how libraries are and might be supporting the Drive to 55. Some of the topics we wish to discuss are:
  1. How can libraries collaborate with high schools and communities to support students participating in TN Promise and TN Reconnect?
  2. What types of workshops (College Prep, College 101, Google, Microsoft, TEL, Career Transitions, or Learning Express) are libraries providing now, that might serve these students?
  3. Would the community benefit from informational sessions hosted at public or academic libraries, during the summer months, on TN Promise and TN Reconnect resources?
Conversation led by Lori Warren, Chattanooga State Community College
Disability Etiquette 101
Serving disabled patrons can be intimidating. We all want to be helpful, but most of us have never been taught the do's and don'ts. This session will prepare you to confidently assist people with disabilities in person and online. You'll learn what words to use, what types of assistance to offer, and how to respond to service animals in the library.
Ruth Hemphill, Tennessee Library for the Blind & Physically Handicapped

Imagination Breaks Barriers, Mentors Build Bridges: Studio NPL Live
In this session, you’ll learn about the history and programming models of Studio NPL, learn about the private/public partnerships that brought it to Nashville, see an example of the digital artifacts created by students of the space, and have an opportunity to engage in some hands-on Studio NPL programming.
Niq Tognoni, Nashville Public Library

Let's Celebrate Partnerships in the Community
As a small library in a small community, partnerships mean so much.  We are all connected in one way or another and working together is good for everyone.  Cultivating partnerships in the community is all about relationships and networking and don't be afraid to think outside the box - unusual partnerships may be the best.  Be a good neighbor!  We attend almost every activity we are invited to by any of our community businesses.  Partnerships in the community give a voice to the library and its services and it's a forum for promoting what's best and new at the library.  Cultivating partnerships can be nothing more than being an advocate and always being ready to talk about the great things going on at your library.  You have to be a friend to make a friend!  Let's celebrate libraries and the partnerships that help make us a great place in a great community.
Janet Walker, South Cheatham Public Library & May Lingner Cheatham County Public Library

Open Doors: Making Your Library More Visible
Libraries all share some common challenges, and the biggest one is finding ways of breaking barriers, building bridges, and opening doors to make your library and your services more visible to both current and potential users. In this session, we will discuss how libraries have adapted to this challenge in the past, and how they can expose their information even more for the future. Find out what tools and services are out there to help your library keep and attract new patrons in an age of ever-changing and competitive technology. 
Tim Turner, EBSCO Information Services

STEM: Restaging the High School to College Experience
Big Orange STEM Saturday (BOSS) is an outreach approach which allows pre-college students to interact with the library and science departments at the University of Tennessee. By utilizing the STEM discipline as a backdrop, we have discovered a sustainable programming concept that engages middle and high school students. BOSS offers hands-on sessions that showcase different facets of STEM education at the university level. This rich approach supports not only students’ educational transitions, but it also addresses community, social, and career transitions and sets the stage for college preparedness. This model was expanded to engage Tennessee educators and create a sturdier flow of intellect and networking. BOSS for Educators (EduBOSS) is our new pilot initiative to enhance the cycle of information between students, librarians, and teachers. This program allows our university libraries to reimagine learning spaces and provide pre-college students with an experience not found in the classroom. The session participants will gain knowledge about building outreach programs for schools and discover great techniques for making connections with partners.
Thura Mack & Amanda Sexton, University of Tennessee-Knoxville

Tennessee Electronic Library & Gale: Developing the Workforce of the Future
Supporting job seekers is one of the most powerful         ways in which a library can make a positive and measurable impact in its community. In this session, we will cover the Tennessee Electronic Library resources that are freely available to job seekers, entrepreneurs, and others looking to advance their career or business. We will also share ideas for partnering with the community organizations and government agencies that also serve job seekers, to extend the reach and the impact of your library.
Hilary Fox, GALE/Cengage & Erin Loree, Tennessee State Library and Archives

Tenn-Share Past, Present & Future: A Conversation with the Movers, Shakers and Founders of Tenn-Share
Join Penny Frere, Annelle Huggins, DeAnne Luck, Linda Phillips and Suresh Ponnappa as they to discuss all things Tenn-Share as we remember our past, consider our present and shape our future.
Moderator: Joe Weber, Austin Peay State University