2020 Fall Conference


Log in on October 28 at 8:45 am to hear our KEYNOTE speaker Andrea Blackman, Head of Special Collections, Nashville Public Library, who will talk about New Values... New Vision.



Changing the Game - Harnessing Change for New Resources & Services

Changes and challenges during 2020 encouraged or even required libraries to adapt and experiment in ways not previously imagined or tested. Join us virtually at Fall Conference 2020 to discuss and share what changed at your library and how it led to new opportunities and experiments.


Fall Conference focuses on resource-sharing opportunities for all types of libraries. The conference schedule begins with a keynote speaker and distribution of volunteer awards. The remainder of the day is filled with sessions and discussions inspired by the theme; meaningful, targeted content about resource sharing; and continuing conversations among Tennessee’s library leaders. There are presentations for LIBRARY STAFF in EVERY LIBRARY TYPE!

Registration is FREE this year.

Highlights from previous Fall Conferences

The 2019 Fall Conference was held on Friday, October 19 and featured David Green from Chapel Hill (NC) Public Library as the keynote speaker.

The 2018 Fall Conference was held on Friday, September 28 and featured Andrea Blackman from NPL as the keynote speaker.

The 2017 Fall Conference was held on Friday, October 27 and featured Vince Windrow from MTSU as the keynote speaker.

The 2016 Fall Conference was held on Friday, September 30 and featured Joyce Coleman from the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati as the keynote speaker.

The 2015 event was ShareFest, a one-day mashup of librarians and vendors, where everyone learned from one another.

The 2014 Fall Conference was held on Friday, September 26, and featured Dr. Joni Blake, Executive Director of the Greater Western Library Alliance, as keynote speaker. She told the audience about the progress of Occam's Reader. We also had our first Ten for Tenn presentations, which were librarian-led presentations of 10 minute or less.

The 2013 Fall Conference was held on Friday, September 20th, at the Nashville Public Library Conference Center.  The theme of the 2013 Tenn-Share DataFest and Fall Conference was "Who are the people in your neighborhood?"  Effectively serving our libraries' diverse users" serving  diverse communities.  The 2013 conference featured:

  • Loida Garcia-Febo as keynote speaker, who spoke on Building Community, Providing Access and Saving Lives.
  • Sessions about teaching teens about technology, serving LGBT youth in your library, serving patrons with print disabilities, and creative open source tools for your library.

The 2012 Fall Conference was held on Friday, September 28.  The theme was The Future of Resource Sharing: It's Still About the Book, and it featured:

  • Brett Bonfield, director at Collingswood (NJ) Public Library was the keynote speaker who challenged us to think about the Hundred Year Library.
  • Sessions were held about the Firefly courier service, Digital Rights Management Patron-Driven Acquisitions and the future of resource sharing.

The 2011 Fall Conference was held on Friday, October 28 and featured:

  • Keynote speaker Eric Forte, Member Consultant at OCLC, on OCLC's Perceptions of Libraries, 2010 report, a sequel to the 2005 Perceptions of Libraries and Information Resources
  • A panel discussion following the keynote address, led by Dr. Steven Smith, Dean of Libraries, UT Knoxville
  • Sessions on the new Volunteer Voices website, the OCLC resource sharing platform, WorldCat Local, and ebooks

The 2010 Fall Conference was held on Friday, October 29 and featured:

The 2009 Fall Conference was held on Friday, October 30 and featured:

  • Keynote speaker Matt Goldner of OCLC
  • Sessions on Smarter, Faster, Cheaper resources
  • TEL 10th Birthday celebration
  • Check out the photos
  • Tennessee's Digital Debut of Volunteer Voices

The 2008 Fall Conference featured:

  • Keynote speaker Sherrie Galloway Library of Congress Educator in Residence
  • Sessions on other digital collections from across the state
  • Check out photos
2001 - SHARE in the Vision
2000 - SHARing Strategies for Successful Library Advocacy
1995 - Technology for Resource Sharing
1994 - Net-Working for You