2019 Fall Conference

Fall Conference is Friday, October 18, 2019
at the Nashville Public Library Conference Center

Data Storm Fall ConferenceData Storm: Bridging Divides, Navigating Data, and Harnessing Change for Good  Registration

Registration deadline is Monday, October 14.
Keynote Speaker: David Green, Open Data Program Manager, Town of Chapel Hill (NC) and Library Systems Manager, Chapel Hill Public Library
Schedule and Presentation Details

Librarians in all library types know how patrons and users are awash in a flood of data and data science software. Within the library, collection statistics, usage reports, focus groups, surveys, and so much more demand our eyes, minds, and time as we chart out new services and plans. Outside of the library, our communities are discovering and participating in a new world of big data and data analytics. How do libraries take the lead in managing data resources, tools, and skills?  What can we do to better harness the information at our fingertips and transform it into a better environment for our communities and our patrons?

Join us in Nashville at the Tenn-Share Fall Conference to find and share ways to weather the data storm and make data work for libraries across the state.
Registration: $35 for staff at Member libraries/$50 for all others
Two optional workshops will be offered: Text Mining and Data Curation.
Each is $10, in addition to the Fall Conference registration fee. See descriptions to the right.
Space is limited and attendees may attend none, one or both.
Schedule and Presentations
11:15 am-noon
Presentation Title: Libraries as Partners in the Open Data Movement
Time, Room: 11:15 am-noon, Auditorium, 1st Floor
Name: David Green, Town of Chapel Hill
Description: Public libraries are natural partners for local governments looking to facilitate access to information and increase transparency. Chapel Hill Open Data, managed by the Chapel Hill Public Library (NC), launched in 2016 and continues to grow and learn. This program offers both high-level perspectives on why libraries are well-suited to provide this service as well as practical guidance for libraries and localities considering this service.  At the end of this session, participants will: 1 - Understand, and be able to demonstrate to others, why libraries are uniquely suited to collaborate with local governments in their open data efforts. 2 - Know what is involved in planning, launching, and sustaining an open data service. 3 - Leave with the confidence to do something new.
Presentation Title: It's Raining Datasets: Improving Library Assessment with LibInsight
Time, Room: 11:15 am-noon, Auditorium, 1st Floor
Name: Michael Hooper, Kebede Wordofa, and Jennifer Harris, Austin Peay State University
Description: At Austin Peay State University's Woodward Library, statistical data has traditionally been kept by librarians in most departments, but recorded in a variety of formats and stored in multiple locations.  This inconsistency created challenges for reviewing data among library units, sharing relevant items with members of other departments on campus, and providing public information to library stakeholders. In this presentation, four librarians will share their experience working on a task force to implement Springshare LibInsight for the purpose of consolidating data from all departments into a centralized online location that is accessible to all library personnel and can be easily shared with public reviewers. The presenters will provide examples of multiple datasets that were uploaded and discuss the steps they implemented to involve both librarians and library staff members in the conversion process. Additionally, issues encountered, lessons learned, and tips to help predict user needs and weather the data storm at your library will be provided.
Presentation Title: What is Tenn-Share anyway?
Time, Room: 11:15 am-noon, Children's, 2nd Floor
Name: Jenifer (or a Board member) Grady, Tenn-Share
Description: How can your library use its Tenn-Share membership more effectively? What are the benefits of membership? This session will cover Tenn-Share's current offers and savings for all types of libraries, as well as how it can help you enhance leadership skills.

Presentation Title: TEL Resources - Finding and Using Your Library Data
Time, Room: 11:15 am-noon, Computer Lab, 3rd Floor
Name: Hilary Fox and Andrea Zielke
DescriptionUtilize the reports and data available in TEL resources for collection development and library programming.

12:15-1:00 pm
Presentation Title: Preservation Project: Engaging Communities Through 3D Preservation
Time, Room: 12:15-1:00 pm, 3, 1st Floor
Name: Rodney Freeman, Tennessee State University
Description: The Preservation Project is devoted to connecting families and individuals to their history by providing them with the ability to tell their story through their recorded words and digitized family photos while turning their memories into 3D. One of the primary outcomes of the project is to provide participants with the ability to preserve history in a 3D format and interact with their 3D images in a virtual reality environment. We are offering an experience for participants to connect, build, and interact with their family history.
Presentation Title: How to Support Students and Teachers with TN Aligned Social Studies Content from Gale
Time, Room: 12:15-1:00 pm, Children's, 2nd Floor
Name: Teresa Minnaugh, Gale
Description: ALIGNING CONTENT TO THE TN SOCIAL STUDIES STANDARDS Within Gale ebooks, we offer specially hand-curated collections that are aligned to the new Tennessee Social Studies benchmarks. Whether you choose the Elementary, Middle School, or High School collection, you will find informational text, biographies, and primary sources. These collections can also be used to supplement the English Language Arts classroom. Gale ebooks make it easy for the ELA and SS teachers to collaborate and share content! Gale also offers three In Context databases - US History, World History and Global Issues that provide high-quality content in an easy-to-use platform.  Come learn how you can collaborate with teachers and bring these resources to your school/district.
Presentation Title: Patriot Paths: Using GIS to Look at Old Data in New Ways
Time, Room: 12:15-1:00 pm, Computer Lab, 3rd Floor
Name: Suzanne White and Zachary Keith, Tenn. State Library & Archives
Description: A GIS mapping project was designed to allow study of the migration patterns of over 2,000 Revolutionary War veterans who came to Tennessee. This example of applying GIS mapping technology to data will stimulate your thinking about the potential of GIS technology to meet other library needs.
1:45-2:30 pm
Presentation Title: Creative ways eresources data can help you!
Time, Room: 1:45-2:30 pm, 3, 1st Floor
Name: Jennifer Brosek, Appalachian State University
Description: Usage data is the most common data libraries use from their eresources but there are so many more data points that can help especially when working with vendors for renewal increases or other budget concerns. Tracking electronic resources problem ticket categories, response times for resolving access issues, and more can help you leverage your library interests and concerns (like the budgets) with vendors to achieve better pricing, better renewal increases, better service, and possibly better resource experiences for our users.
Presentation Title: Live Webinar - Advocacy to Activism
Time, Room: 1:45-2:30 pm, Children's, 2nd Floor
Name: Patrick Sweeney, EveryLibrary
Description: In this introductory webinar, we are going to explore what it takes to build a movement for libraries in your local community. The advocacy theory, strategies, and tactics that we introduce come from some of the largest movements for causes and political campaigns. These advocacy tools include data, messaging, supporter cultivation, fundraising, using volunteers, and a wide range of tactics like Facebook, outreach, email and direct mail, paid and earned media, and much more. The audience will be able to ask questions in real time.
Presentation Title: How to Write Better Survey Questions
Time, Room: 1:45-2:30 pm, Computer Lab, 3rd Floor
Name: Sharon Holderman, Tennessee Tech University
Description: Most libraries want to administer surveys to gather valuable data from their patrons, especially since surveys are low-cost.  However, even the best assessment plans can be derailed by ineffective survey questions.  The great news is anyone can plan and write great survey questions with a little know-how.  This session addresses writing survey questions from planning to implementation, and it will cover the different types of questions, their pros and cons, and tips for writing them well.  Attendees will leave this session ready to write questions that discover exactly what they want to know.
2:45-3:30 pm
10 for Tenns are 10 minute presentations. There are two in Room 3 and Children's Program Room in this time block.
Presentation Title: 10 for Tenn - Bridging Divides through Data Aggregation: Introducing a New Statewide Portal for Tennessee
Time, Room: 2:45-3:30 pm, 3, 1st Floor
Name: Meredith Hale, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Description: In the winter of 2019 a new statewide portal was launched by the Digital Library of Tennessee (DLTN) that shares unique primary source materials, including maps, musical performances, photographs, newspapers, postcards, and oral histories. Currently, this is the only portal that aggregates cultural heritage materials from across the entire state. While these resources are also available through the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA), the portal focuses exclusively on the approximately 105,000 records shared by Tennessee rather than the full 35 million records available through DPLA. The new portal also includes curated topics, like "Winning the Right to Vote" which explores documents related to women's suffrage, to provide easy entry into the data for both librarians and the public at large. This presentation will spread awareness of this open access portal to all attendees, but will be especially impactful for those with limited resources. It will include a demo of the site to show how the portal eases the difficult task of data navigation. In addition, information will be given on how institutions of all types can contribute to the portal to enhance Tennessee's cultural presence.
Presentation Title: 10 for Tenn - ConnectED Sync - vaporware!!!
Time, Room: 2:45-3:30 pm, 3, 1st Floor
Name: James Staub, Nashville Public Library
Description: James Staub pitches ConnectED Sync, an ILS-agnostic utility to facilitate public library/school partnerships. Get student/staff data files from school exports, make and update patron records in your ILS!
Presentation Title: Focus Group - Tenn-Share E-Resources Planning
Time, Room: 2:45-3:30 pm, Auditorium, 1st Floor
Name: David Ownby, Tenn-Share
Description: Digital Forecasting:  Focus Grouping Tenn-Share E-Resources
Tenn-Share and member libraries gathered quantitative data on how people use e-resources and qualitative data on how users and librarians view e-resources and physical collections. This data drove acquisition and budgetary discussions across the state, with some surveys informing resources the consortium would pursue. 

TSERC is now looking to take this data forecasting and ensure it meets with the needs of user communities across the state.  Join us for a lively, open discussion on what e-resources are needed to help libraries and their communities as TSERC looks to identify resources to pursue in the coming years. We will also discuss strategies for sharing information to the committee and how work can be better structured to improve communication and support consortial bargaining power.
Presentation Title: 10 for Tenn - Encounter with COUNTER 5
Time, Room: 2:45-3:30 pm, Children's, 2nd Floor
Name: Stephanie Adams, Tennessee Tech University
Description: The COUNTER (Counting Online Usage of NeTworked Electronic Resources) Code of Practice transitioned to Release 5 in January 2019. Many librarians rely on COUNTER reports to evaluate patron usage of databases, journals and eBooks. This presentation will give a brief overview of the new reports and metrics that comprise Release 5.
Presentation Title: 10 for Tenn - Use of physical magazines/journals in academic libraries
Time, Room: 2:45-3:30 pm, Children's, 2nd Floor
Name: Sally Robertson, Nashville State Community College
Description: This session will examine if there is enough data that shows that physical magazines are still relevant to college students. It will show new and innovative ways to market magazines and journals to first time students. This is a think outside the box session.
Presentation Title: Surprising Results of a Print Periodical Usage Study
Time, Room: 2:45-3:30 pm, Computer Lab, 3rd Floor
Name: Stuart Gaetjens, Tennessee Tech University
Description: Tennessee Tech conducted a print periodical usage study during the spring 2019 semester including both popular and scholarly periodicals.  The results were surprising and resulted in several major changes to the collection.

Registration Cancellations and Refunds

Registrations are transferable.  If no one can come in your place, upon request, Tenn-Share will refund your registration fee at 100% if the cancellation is more than 30 days before the event.  For attendees who cancel within 30 days of the event and request refunds, Tenn-Share retains $10 from the fees paid for administrative expenses.  If you prefer to transfer your registration, please contact Tenn-Share.

Highlights from previous Fall Conferences

The 2018 Fall Conference was held on Friday, September 28 and featured Andrea Blackman from NPL as the keynote speaker.

The 2017 Fall Conference was held on Friday, October 27 and featured Vince Windrow from MTSU as the keynote speaker.

The 2016 Fall Conference was held on Friday, September 30 and featured Joyce Coleman from the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati as the keynote speaker.

The 2015 event was ShareFest, a one-day mashup of librarians and vendors, where everyone learned from one another.

The 2014 Fall Conference was held on Friday, September 26, and featured Dr. Joni Blake, Executive Director of the Greater Western Library Alliance, as keynote speaker. She told the audience about the progress of Occam's Reader. We also had our first Ten for Tenn presentations, which were librarian-led presentations of 10 minute or less.

The 2013 Fall Conference was held on Friday, September 20th, at the Nashville Public Library Conference Center.  The theme of the 2013 Tenn-Share DataFest and Fall Conference was "Who are the people in your neighborhood?"  Effectively serving our libraries' diverse users" serving  diverse communities.  The 2013 conference featured:

  • Loida Garcia-Febo as keynote speaker, who spoke on Building Community, Providing Access and Saving Lives.
  • Sessions about teaching teens about technology, serving LGBT youth in your library, serving patrons with print disabilities, and creative open source tools for your library.

The 2012 Fall Conference was held on Friday, September 28.  The theme was The Future of Resource Sharing: It's Still About the Book, and it featured:

  • Brett Bonfield, director at Collingswood (NJ) Public Library was the keynote speaker who challenged us to think about the Hundred Year Library.
  • Sessions were held about the Firefly courier service, Digital Rights Management Patron-Driven Acquisitions and the future of resource sharing.

The 2011 Fall Conference was held on Friday, October 28 and featured:

  • Keynote speaker Eric Forte, Member Consultant at OCLC, on OCLC's Perceptions of Libraries, 2010 report, a sequel to the 2005 Perceptions of Libraries and Information Resources
  • A panel discussion following the keynote address, led by Dr. Steven Smith, Dean of Libraries, UT Knoxville
  • Sessions on the new Volunteer Voices website, the OCLC resource sharing platform, WorldCat Local, and ebooks

The 2010 Fall Conference was held on Friday, October 29 and featured:

The 2009 Fall Conference was held on Friday, October 30 and featured:

  • Keynote speaker Matt Goldner of OCLC
  • Sessions on Smarter, Faster, Cheaper resources
  • TEL 10th Birthday celebration
  • Check out the photos
  • Tennessee's Digital Debut of Volunteer Voices

The 2008 Fall Conference featured:

  • Keynote speaker Sherrie Galloway Library of Congress Educator in Residence
  • Sessions on other digital collections from across the state
  • Check out photos
2001 - SHARE in the Vision
2000 - SHARing Strategies for Successful Library Advocacy
1995 - Technology for Resource Sharing
1994 - Net-Working for You

Which one is for you? All of them!
  • DataFest - Presentations from vendors providing products to each library type (Thursday)
  • School Library Collection Fair - K-12 library book vendors (Thursday)
  • Fall Conference - Librarian presentations in each library type, panels, discussions, and a keynote. (Friday)