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Tenn-Share invites you to register for our annual conference which will be held virtually October 25th-27th, 12-4pm CT / 1-5pm ET. With this year’s conference comes a new name, Tenn-Share Showcase. The name better represents the fall conference as a platform for sharing and learning among librarians working in every type of library across Tennessee. 

As the third virtual fall conference, the event will remain free of charge to attend. Held over three days with four hours of content daily, sessions will engage with one of the daily conference themes to help our community of libraries continue to explore our shared innovations and solutions together. The days’ themes are below:

  • Oct. 25: Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion and the Freedom to Read
  • Oct. 26: New or Refreshed Services (with some more EDI topics because we had so many great proposals!) 
  • Oct. 27: Roundtable Discussions 

Event Schedule

Keep checking back as this schedule will get updated with supplemental materials and more details as we near the event!

Tuesday, October 25th Room 1 Room 2
12pm CT – 12:50pm CT // 1 pm ET – 1:50 pm ET Tenn-Share Welcome and Keynote Address from ALA President Lessa Kanani’opua Pelayo-Lozada

ALA President Lessa Pelayo-Lozada

ALA President Lessa Kanani’opua Pelayo-Lozada will discuss the record numbers of book challenges that ALA’s Office for Intellectual Freedom has tracked. Many of the challenges involve stories with characters or themes about race, gender identity, and sexuality. She will detail how ALA is supporting library workers experiencing these challenges in their own libraries, and share tools for all supporters of the freedom to read to fight against book challenges from the Unite Against Book Bans campaign.


Special thanks to Gale for being our keynote sponsor!

12:50pm CT – 1pm CT // 1:50 pm ET – 2 pm ET 10 minute break
1pm CT – 1:45pm CT // 2 pm ET – 2:45 pm ET School Library Legislation & Intellectual Freedom

Presented by Lindsey Kimery (Metro Nashville Public Schools), Xan Lasko (Rutherford County Schools), and Amanda Smithfield (Metro Nashville Public Schools)

Join Tennessee Association of School Librarians leadership to learn more about the legislation impacting school libraries and how to support intellectual freedom in your school community. Bring your questions and concerns, and we’ll provide insight and ideas to help you navigate these challenging times facing our school libraries.

Wide Skies and Cow Pies: Navigating Liaison Librarianship Without a Roadmap

Presented by Calantha Tillotson and Paris Whalon (University of Tennessee, Knoxville)

Two early career tenure track librarians will describe how they use peer-to-peer mentorship to navigate the journey of being subject librarians at an R1 institution during a time when diversity and libraries are openly under attack. We will discuss the processes by which we build relationships with our departments, communicate with accessible language to internal stakeholders, work actively to advance DEI initiatives, and craft a sustainable balance in our professional lives. We will share various homemade organizational tools, scholarly projects, and lighthearted adventures used to fuel the engagement process, such as departmental profiles, communication plans, BIPOC author mapping, etc. As members of marginalized communities, we will demonstrate ways in which we collaborate with intentional transparency in order to be our own definition of success. This session will provide an opportunity for the audience to discover methods for amplifying diverse voices using digital visualization tools to continue building connections between oppressed voices and their contributions to our field.

1:45pm CT – 1:55pm CT // 2:45 pm ET – 2:55 pm ET 10 minute break
1:55pm CT – 2:25pm CT // 2:55 pm ET – 3:25 pm ET


EBSCO Academic Overview

Presented by Zach O’Dell – Regional Manager Tennessee for EBSCO

Join EBSCO for a quick run through of some of the trending topics and resources that libraries are engaging with. This includes eBooks, databases, digital collections, and software enhancements catering to college and university libraries of all types and sizes.


Supplemental Materials:

Kanopy Streaming Video for Academic and Public Libraries

Presented by Clark Turner and Paula Roman for Kanopy

This session will provide details of Kanopy’s new subscription services for both Academic (KBASE) and Public Libraries (Kanopy PLUS).  We encourage attendance from administrative, reference, instruction librarians, and/or groups that would be involved in digital video acquisition.  Included in the session will be brief content overviews, general information on pricing, and Q & A.  Though the session is intended for interested libraries, libraries currently offering Kanopy are welcome.


Supplemental Materials:

2:25 pm CT – 2:30pm CT // 3:25 pm ET – 3:30 pm ET


5 minute break
2:30 pm CT – 3:00 pm CT // 3:30 pm ET – 4:00 pm ET


Navigating the New Normal with Ingram Library Services

Presented by Tom Graziosi – Senior Sales Representative for Ingram

Libraries face a multitude of challenges among the current global environment. Never before has a library been tasked with overcoming so many additional obstacles, but here we are. Join this session to learn how Ingram Library Services is adapting to this new normal. Learn the best practices on how to order new materials with Ingram while hurdling these new obstacles.

3:00 pm CT – 3:10pm CT // 4:00 pm ET – 4:10 pm 10 minute break
3:10pm CT – 3:55pm CT// 4:10 pm ET – 4:55pm ET Beyond Both Sides: Helping Library Users Embrace Diversity by Countering Disinformation

Presented by Linnea Minich and Heidi Syler (Sewanee: The University of the South)

We can encourage DEI in our communities by helping community members be more open to the perspectives and experience of others. Disinformation online often decreases that openness, polarizing views and shutting down conversation. Our Research Help team works to counter disinformation in various ways. We create library guides, discuss disinformation in our one-on-one sessions, and educate students in our classroom instruction on how to avoid it. Our presentation will focus on our classroom instruction, specifically the three-class module we developed with Sewanee’s Rhetoric program. We will extend the example to more general ideas and tools that can apply to school libraries and public libraries. The first part of our presentation will describe our work. Our goal in our three-class module is to help students research controversial topics and develop arguments incorporating different perspectives. The first two classes focus on complicating the controversies and helping students find information beyond the two-sides binary. We use the database Opposing Viewpoints to find perspectives and talk about researching those perspectives to understand them better. The third class focuses on evaluating the information students are finding, and especially on lateral reading and fact-checking. We use the SIFT Method from Mike Caulfield to help students investigate sources and claims, again emphasizing the complexity of this information, since some information might be true but presented to serve a certain perspective or to persuade the audience to share a particular viewpoint. The second part of our presentation will make this interactive. Participants will do a quick SIFT activity. Then we will discuss how our viewpoints interact with the information we investigate. We will conclude by discussing with participants how these ideas can be used in different library contexts.

Bringing IDEA to Practice

Presented by Melinda F. Brown,  Sara Lee Burd and Robert Rich (Vanderbilt University)

The Vanderbilt Library Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility committee (IDEA) formed in 2019 with the mission to develop collaborations, design employee resources, and incorporate IDEA practices into everyday patron and staff engagement. The committee consists of 12 people and represent a variety Vanderbilt libraries and departments. In this proposed 45-minute presentation we would like to share the committee’s accomplishments and joint-library, university and community developing initiatives. We plan to use trivia and Mentimeter to engage the audience. The topics include: -Being intentional: Hiring Toolkit -Student support: Sensory Kits -Campus program participation: Next Steps -Collection development: Digitization in Special Collections -Community connections: Nashville and Vanderbilt collaboration with the National Museum of African-American Music



Wednesday, October 26th Room 1 Room 2
12pm CT – 12:45pm CT// 1pm ET – 1:45 pm ET Tennessee History is American History

Presented by Alice Faye Duncan

This session will explore the social movement led by evicted Black Sharecroppers in West Tennessee, who paved the way for the 1965 Voting Rights Act. Using iconic photography from Ernest Withers, a celebrated Civil Rights photographer and Tennessean, participants will compare voter intimidation of the past to voter suppression and intimidation of the present. Learners of all ages have the right to engage and interrogate this history, so that the injustice of the past will not arise in the future. Alice Faye Duncan will also read poems from her related text, EVICTED–The Struggle for the Right to Vote. Charly Palmer is the illustrator.

Alice Faye Duncan

12:45pm CT – 12:55pm CT// 1:45 pm ET 1:55 pm ET 10 minute break
12:55pm CT – 1:25pm CT// 1:55 pm ET – 2:25 pm ET



Gale’s Continued Focus to Diversity – With a Focus to GALE CASE STUDIES & Curriculum Integration of Library Acquired Content

Presented by Anne Nagrant -Trainer, Academic Outreach and Engagement

Gale continues to afford a strong publishing focus to myriad facets of diversity – on this session Gale will give an updated overview on areas of publishing around diversity, equity, inclusion, gender studies, race and racism, civil rights, and radicalism.   The core focus will be Gale Case Studies, a new offering that provides instructors and undergraduates a destination for diving more deeply into social justice issues with primary source–centered case studies, discussion questions, and links to curated content.  It was specifically created to help undergraduate students develop critical-thinking skills around contemporary social justice issues using historical content. Topics include LGBTQ rights, public health concerns, political extremism, and race.


The ABC’s of Bloomsbury’s Digital Resources

Presented by Katie Bennett – Senior Account Manager for Bloomsbury Digital Resources

Come learn about our newest subject hubs in the arts and humanities, including the ABC-CLIO Solutions Databases, Bloomsbury Video Library, Currency Press on Drama Online, and more! We’ll also discuss our commitment to publishing a range of diverse authors, content, and perspectives from around the world, and designing our resources with a global scope and focus.



1:25pm CT- 1:40pm CT// 2:25 pm ET – 2:40 pm ET 15 minute break
1:40pm CT – 2:25pm CT// 2:40 pm ET – 3:25 pm ET Mad Science with Mr. Brian – Articulated Hand

Presented by Brian Sherrill (Art Circle Public Library)

In this activity, Mr. Brian will demonstrate how to use a variety of materials to construct an articulated hand. The hand will be used for a discussion on hand anatomy focusing on the differences between ligaments and tendons. He will also provide an update on TNLibCahoots!

Mr. Brian Sherrill has worked in the Art Circle Public Library’s Children’s Department for eight years. He has also taught for 12 years in Cumberland County Schools. Brian uses his teaching experience to design and conduct a variety of Reading and Science activities. These activities take place at ACPL and a variety of other locations. These locations also include area schools and other locations outside of Cumberland County.

What to have on “hand” for this presentation!

Supplemental materials:


Reading Design Challenge: A Model for Inclusion and Empowering Student Innovation

Presented by Tiffany Collins (Knox County Public Schools), Thura Mack and Megan Venable (University of Tennessee, Knoxville)

Representing equity, diversity, inclusion, and the students’ ability to read and interpret what they choose calls for creativity and innovation. How can we provide the opportunity for educators to reimagine inclusion and the freedom to read for students and engage learning in new and engaging ways? The Reading Design Challenge (RDC), is moving toward its third year of implementation, a collaborative partnership between local elementary schools and the University of Tennessee Libraries. The RDC program was created to connect students to enjoyable reading experiences, rich literature, and STEM initiatives to expand on the 4Cs of critical thinking and problem-solving skills, collaboration, creativity, and communication in educational settings. The structure for the RDC consist of three pillars: identify a project from the reading, design the concept and implement activities that stimulate and shape the learning outcomes. This integrative approach has been proven to shift the culture of learning by demonstrating diversity, inclusion, and equitable learning opportunities where all students learn to succeed through STEM education. This approach addresses instructional strategies that identify reading protocols and activities that provide feedback in real-time to program leaders and participants. RDC fosters learning environments that empower students to think freely, share openly, provide their own ideas, and interpretations of the books they engage with during the program. Each year, students are encouraged to participate in the annual Tennessee STEM Innovation Network’s (TSIN) Statewide Design Challenge resulting in one of our students winning the 2022 competition. Student participants and teachers are provided personalized book copies which fosters relatability, connection, and motivation for the student learners to persevere in completing each task within the RDC’s pillars. This program can be modified to fit different library audiences.

2:25pm CT – 2:35pm CT// 3:25 pm ET – 3:35 pm ET 10 minute break
2:35pm CT – 3:05pm CT// 3:35 pm ET – 4:05 pm ET



The Future of Digital Health Sciences Collection Development with the R2 Digital Library

Presented by Dave Putz, Library Territory Manager for Rittenhouse

Discover the difference of utilizing the content, tools, and services available on the R2 Digital Library from Rittenhouse. With new, competitive eBook prices and digital developments, the R2 Digital Library is evolving to further support you, your collection development, and your health sciences patrons.

3:05pm CT – 3:15pm CT// 4:05 pm ET – 4:15 pm ET 10 minute break
3:15 pm CT – 4:00 pm CT// / 4:15 pm ET – 5 pm ET Project Chaos: Creating Havoc Advancing Our Spaces

Presented by Robin Walden and Pamela Johnson (John P. Holt Brentwood Library)

Welcome to Project CHAOS: Creating Havoc Advancing Our Spaces! Ever consider flipping your library’s collection? Our librarians will show you how we made the most of our library’s current footprint to showcase collections and spaces. Flipping our collections during our beginning stages of space planning allowed us to enhance our library patron’s experience and advance our spaces as we move forward. Learn all the details of using current collection numbers and shelving to re-locate over 70,000 items. You will also hear how library staff and board members bought into the CHAOS!


A Seed Library: Planting Knowledge that Blooms

Presented by Stacey J. Smith Rebekah Shelton (LeMoyne-Owen College)

We will introduce the process of starting a seed library and how to garner partners in the community. Step-by-step instructions will be given on how to re-purpose old catalogs as the perfect vehicle for a Seed Library. You will also see our handouts, deliverables and pics from our last Earth Day celebration, when the Seed Library was introduced to the campus.


Supplemental materials:

About the Seed Library

Hollis F. Price Seed Library Brochure

Hollis F. Price Library Resources


Thursday, October 27th Room 1 Room 2
12pm CT – 12:15pm CT // 1 pm ET – 1:15 pm ET Welcome and Introduction of Roundtable Day
12:15pm CT – 1:15pm CT // 1:15 pm ET – 2:15 pm ET Critical Cataloging

Discussion facilitated by Tiffany G. Day (University of Memphis)

Critical cataloging is the practice of questioning, critiquing, analyzing, and, hopefully, mitigating some of the inequities and hierarchical problems inherent in library and other cultural heritage institution cataloging, metadata, classification, and information organization structures. Join us for a roundtable discussion on this important work, ways it is being implemented, and ideas for future efforts.
Speed Networking

Activity facilitated by Ambrea Johnson (Holston River Regional Library) and Ari Baker (Tenn-Share)

Virtual conferences can make it challenging to connect with your colleagues and have those magic moments of meeting that are some of the most valuable conference learning time. Join us for this speed networking activity to meet your colleagues across the state and learn whats folks are doing in their library environments.

1:15pm CT – 1:30pm CT // 2:15 pm ET – 2:30 pm ET 15 minute break
1:30pm CT – 2:00pm CT // 2:30 pm ET – 3:00 pm ET


Preparing every student for their own path to academic and professional success

Presented by Paige DeLoach, Library Sales Manager and Laura Berg, Senior Library Sales Manager for SAGE

Introducing SAGE Skills: Student Success and SAGE Skills: Business — Our new suite of skill-building resources equips students for college, career, and life. These collections are designed to meet every student where they are in their learning journey and help them build the confidence and skill sets essential to their academic, personal, and professional success. Topics during this session will include (but are not limited to): diversity, bias and impacting change; critical thinking; student satisfaction; data analytics; workforce development; leadership; and communication.

Less is more, broadening your Ebook access through subscriptions

Presented by Bethany Leach, Sr. Book Sales Specialist for ProQuest

Due to stagnant budgets, libraries have been challenged to do more with less. In this session we’ll discuss how subscriptions can give access to a critical mass of content and support both in person and virtual learning.   


3:00pm CT – 4:00pm CT // 4:00 pm ET – 5:00 pm ET Negotiations – but I’m a librarian!

Discussion facilitated by Jennifer Mezick (Head, Assessment Programs and Collection Strategy at the University of Tennessee Libraries) and Andrea Zielke (Electronic Library Administrator at Tennessee State Library & Archives)

University curriculum for future librarians does not include negotiation skills, yet it’s critical for success in our current reality where the majority of a library’s content may be owned and licensed by library vendors. Join us to discuss license negotiations – the successes and the failures – so that we may learn from each other for the benefit of future negotiations.

Tenn-Share Resource Sharing & ILL Roundtable

Discussion facilitated by Sofiya Dahman (University of Memphis)

Tenn-Share is seeking to put together a roundtable that will meet quarterly to promote cooperation, exchange of knowledge, and sharing of innovative ideas and services for all library types. Participation is encouraged from all library types (academic, public, school and special). Any Tenn-Share member involved in interlibrary loan, resource sharing and delivery is welcome to join. The goals of the group are to:

  • Establish stronger partnerships among Tennessee libraries in Tenn-Share.
  • Plan, develop, and execute projects with a special focus on ILL and resource sharing in TN.
  • Collaborate and present ideas at conferences and among members.
  • Create and maintain current documentation of best practices,  workflows, and ILL etiquette.
  • Explore new resource sharing tools and provide professional development and learning opportunities.


Please let us know your thoughts about Tenn-Share Showcase, so we can make the next one even better by completing this evaluation.