Learn & grow at our first spring event.

3/25/21 9am-2:15 CST

Spring Mini-Conference 2021 is a new event offered by Tenn-Share to its member libraries.  This day-long event focuses on knowledge and skill-sharing.  The inaugural event will offer sessions on maximizing inter-library loan services and return on investment using the Firefly courier.  It will also include an overview of how members can access new discounts through Tenn-Share’s partnership with Library Discount Network (LDN) and two sponsoring vendor sessions.

Event Schedule

Time (CT)




David Ownby / Stephanie Garrett



Amanda Dembiec, NPL

ILL in the Age of COVID


David Ownby / Stephanie Garrett

Sharing with Firefly


Anne K. Abate

Library Discount Network


Zach O’Dell



Mike Rossetti


ILL in the Age of COVID 2.0: Amanda Dembiec is back with an update to her Fall Conference presentation  “Interlibrary Loan in the Age of COVID”. Amanda brings us up to speed on how COVID is affecting ILL departments across the state. She also takes a look at all the benefits from using the statewide Firefly courier.

Session Recording: ILL in the Age of COVID 2.0

Accessing Special Discounts with Library Discount Network

Session Recording: Library Discount Network

(Please note Tenn-Share no longer has an active partnership agreement with LDN.)

EBSCO Presentation Topic: Get the most out of your Electronic Resources as we dive further into A Virtual Education Environment

  • EBSCO eBooks: support digital needs of students, remote learners, and faculty with access to high quality multi-disciplinary content.
  • Digital Archive Collections: include a wide range of primary source content to help free up precious library space and reach users during remote learning needs.
  • OpenAthens: provides easy online access to the materials in your library collection, while supporting a personalized experience, and gathering detailed usage statistics to better understand user needs and make the most of your resources.
  • Academic Search Ultimate: help strengthen overall collections and add more full-text to all areas of study.

Session Recording: EBSCO
Vendor Digital Drop

myLIBRO – Patron Engagement App & Data Insights Module
myLIBRO works with 200+ libraries around the United States. Through 2020, myLIBRO rolled out weekly updates to help libraries navigate COVID requirements through its ADA-compliant application. In 2021, myLIBRO is helping libraries take the next steps toward recovery through three main goals:
  • Offering tools to help libraries increase circulation and usage of resources
  • Engage patrons & students in offerings and programs to bring them back to the library
  • Making data available to libraries to help them become more data-driven