2018 DataFest

The Tenn-Share DataFest is a day-long vendor fair and conference held each year for Tenn-Share member library staff. It is FREE for staff, and a nominal fee for vendors. 

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 (open until 9/21/18)

It is held at the Nashville Public Library Conference Center, 615 Church Street, Nashville, TN 37219. There is garage parking.

2018 Features a Technology Showcase! See the list at the right of potential products to be shown.

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K-12 Library Presentations*
Academic Library Presentations*         
Public Library Presentations*
TEL Training
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Tech Showcase

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Sponsors and vendors                                  

Ingram Book Company - Volunteer Sponsor Ingram Content Group
EBSCO - Jubilee Sponsor
Gale - Jubilee Sponsor Gale
OverDrive - Jubilee Sponsor
American Psychological Association - Smoky Sponsor APA
Follett - Smoky Sponsor Follett
Sage Publishing - Smoky Sponsor Sage
Bibliotheca - Smoky Sponsor Bibliotheca
Expak Logistics - Smoky Sponsor  
The Library Corporation - Smoky Sponsor
Taylor & Francis - Smoky Sponsor
Kajeet with Verizon - NEW
Oxford University Press
Rock's Backpages - not attending, but provided a doorprize
Tennessee Electric Library (TEL) Training All Day!
All Libraries

World Share Management System, WorldCat Discovery and FirstSearch. by OCLC
Presented by: Marian Carney and Jeff Allen, Library Services Consultant, OCLC

We will look at OCLC's WMS WorldShare Management System, WorldCat Discovery, the refreshed FirstSearch web interface, and other OCLC services and products.
Time: 10:15-10:45 AM; in Auditorium

Tenn-Share Board Members
Presented by: Joyce Claassen, Paul Gahn and Michael Hooper, Board members

What is Tenn-Share anyway? 
Come with questions and suggestions as the Board Members describe Tenn-Share's history and current offerings.
Time: 1:30-2:00 PM; in Room 3, 1st Floor

TLC by The Library Corporation
Presented by: John Burns

Ths is an overview of TLC's products and services.
Time: 12:45-1:15 PM; in Auditorium, 1st Floor

LibCal by Springshare
Presented by: Tracy Patterson , Bill Kessler

LibCal is an affordable, easy-to-use web platform designed to handle libraries' calendaring needs. Its modules work together to provide an integrated solution: Hours and Locations Management; Room and Equipment Reservations; Event Registration and Management; and Librarian Appointment Scheduler. See how this powerful tool can help to improve how the library is used.
Time: 2:15-2:45 PM; in Auditorium

K-12 Libraries

Gale GVRL (ebooks) and databases for K-12 by Gale (part of Cengage Learning)
Presented by: Teresa Minnaugh and Hilary Fox

One out of five teens/young adults suffers from mental illness and even more are dealing with tough issues such as stress, anxiety, divorce and homelessness.  Being a teen - and even an adolescent - is hard - that never changes.  But what has changed is attitudes toward supporting our students and empowering them (and their families and educators) with resources that help - and can make a difference for these kids.  within the field of education there is a growing movement called Social and Emotional Learning.  Come to this session and get a quick overview of what SEL is and how you can support your students and administrators with a collection of ebooks called Cameron's Collection.
Time: 10:15-10:45 AM; in Children's Program Room, 2nd Floor
Complete Your Series/New For You/Lightbox by Follett School Solutions
Presented by: Jon Duncan

Follett's newest Titlewave feature Complete Your Series will identify any missing series books in your collection.  New For You can recommend relevant books to your collection that you don't own.  Lightbox is a digital curriculum support solution that will increase collaboration between school librarians and teachers.  These services are targeted to K-12 schools.
Time: 11:00-11:30 AM; in Children's Program Room, 2nd Floor
Barnes and Noble
Presented by: Robbie Bryan

Time: 12:45-1:15 PM; in Children's Program Room, 2nd Floor
Makerspace by Mackin Educational Resources
Presented by: Laura Hammerschmidt

Learn the "what" and "why" of maker education. Participants will learn how to begin planning and building a custom makerspace in their schools.
Time: 1:30-2:00 PM; in Children's Program Room, 2nd Floor
BrainPOP and Creative Coding: Extending Coding Across the Curriculum by ENA
Presented by: Bria Curry

Join ENA as we explore BrainPOP's new Creative Coding package! Developed in partnership with Scratch and Vidcode, it includes both block- and text-based projects that span the K-12 curriculum and require no prior coding experience. No matter what you teach, these projects are an easy on-ramp to the world of computer science!
Time: 2:15-2:45 PM; in Children's Program Room, 2nd Floor

Public Libraries

Presented by: George Duncan

Time: 10:15-10:45 AM; in Room 2, 1st Floor
Always Innovating With Our Partners: What's New With OverDrive by OverDrive
Presented by: Nate Wheaton

Don't miss this chance to gain insight into all the exciting ways we're helping your library Create Reading Happiness. From the one-tap reading app Libby to sharing opportunities between libraries & schools, the launch of our magazine service and much more, it's all about delivering proven value by empowering you with unrivaled discovery & engagement tools.
Time: 11:00-11:30 AM; in Room 2, 1st Floor
Kajeet SmartSpot and SmartBus solutions for providing filtered, CIPA-compliant internet access by Kajeet
Presented by: Doug Glenn and a colleague or two from Verizon (likely Thomas Green and Alex Andraca)

More of a discussion than a presentation to review the pervasive digital equity challenge and the latest trends and techniques I see nationally to bridge the digital divide and close the homework gap.
Time: 12:45-1:15 PM; in Room 2, 1st Floor
What is Odilo? by Ingram Library Services
Presented by: Tricia Bengal

It’s an internationally recognized and leading provider of digital content ebooks, audiobooks, videos for libraries and schools worldwide with 1.4 Million Digital Library Materials; 2,500 Publishers; 60+ Spanish Language Magazines; 35+ Spanish Language Newspapers; 80+ Unique Languages including Chinese, French, German, Italian, Russian, Tagalog and more. Easily find the perfect titles to support and celebrate your diverse community with Odilo, now included on Ingram ipage. Odilo integrates seamlessly into ipage, so you can search and order in one place. Zero Platform Fees | Competitively Priced | Comparable Features and Functionality.
Time: 1:30-2:00 PM; in Auditorium
NoveList, Linked Data, and LibraryAware by EBSCO
Presented by: Brittany Bryan

How does your library reach readers? In this session we'll talk about ways to connect with your community both inside and outside the library, including how to find new patrons.
Time: 1:30-2:00 PM; in Room 2, 1st Floor

Academic Libraries

OpenAthens by EBSCO
Presented by: Zach ODell

In this session we’ll give a brief overview of OpenAthens and how other institutions are positioning and utilizing this resource at their college or university. In addition to OpenAthens we’ll touch on a testing and college success resource called PrepSTEP, as well as some of the new Academic Databases available through EBSCO.

OpenAthens is a next-generation authentication service that provides single sign-on-access for end users, saving valuable time and providing the path of least resistance to an institution’s resources. OpenAthens also includes a statistics and analytics component along with an accessible easy-to-use dashboard powered through a more secure SAML based technology.
Time: 10:15-10:45 AM; in Room 3, 1st Floor

wizdom.ai, a research intelligence service by Taylor & Francis 
Taylor & Francis
Presented by: Megan Stevenson
The Taylor & Francis product wizdom.ai is a new research intelligence service which draws insights from a living research data platform using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Big Data Analytics. wizdom.ai combines numerous data sources across research outputs including publications, grants, patents, and clinical trials. With the most up-to-date picture of the global research landscape, wizdom.ai presents actionable insights that deliver intelligence for everyone.
Time: 11:00-11:30 AM; in Auditorium
SAGE Digital Learning Resources including Stats, Research Methods, Business Cases and Video by SAGE Publishing
Presented by: Marta Kwiatek-Collins and Laura Berg

SAGE Publishing occupies a unique space in the publishing world: It is commercially driven but with a strong understanding and relationship with the community for which it works. SAGE Publishing offers the best of both worlds, being big enough to matter but small enough to care. Join us to learn what that means for Tenn-Share members!
Time: 11:00-11:30 AM; in Room 3, 1st Floor
APA Style CENTRAL by American Psychological Association
Presented by: Robert Kolton and Kayce Gill

APA Style CENTRAL is an award-winning, online writing solution from the creators of APA Style. It's the only end-to-end solution designed to support students in the mastery and use of APA Style while also guiding them through the research and writing process.
Time: 12:45-1:15 PM; in Room 3, 1st Floor
Oxford University Press
Presented by: Jenifer Maloney

At this session, Oxford University Press (OUP) will discuss two major collaborative projects from OUP: Oxford Research Encyclopedias (OREs) and University Press Scholarship Online (UPSO). Come learn how Oxford Research Encyclopedias (OREs) combine the speed & flexibility of digital with the rigorous standards of academic publishing. Each of the 25 subjects goes beyond the basic facts to contextualize topics within existing scholarship and help pave the way to deeper engagement. Content is being added all the time, including the newest module, Planetary Science.  This session will also overview UPSO, a ground-breaking online library bringing works from the world’s best university presses onto one easy-to-use, cross-searchable resource. UPSO offers easy access to over 28,000 scholarly works across the humanities, social sciences, sciences, medicine, and law.
Time: 2:15-2:45 PM; in Room 3, 1st Floor

TEL Training
10:15-10:45 am – TEL us about the Historical Nashville Tennessean- Linda Cubias – ProQuest Senior Training Partner
Starting October 1, Tennesseans will have access to the full run of the Nashville Tennessean (1812-2002) through TEL.  We will look at ways to bring your ancestors to life giving them images and color and personality using the Historical Tennessean to complement your other genealogical resources. You will also see how to access support, help pages, and the new LibGuide.
11:00 - 11:30 am – Online genealogy research with HeritageQuest- Linda Cubias – ProQuest Senior Training Partner
Did you know that HeritageQuest Online is powered by Ancestry.com? This training covers the new search interface for the core collections which includes the Census, Books, Revolutionary War, and Freedman's Bank collections, an introduction to the new content, new Interactive Image Viewer and save/print/email tools, and the new Research Aids and Maps features. You will also see how to access support, help pages, and the new LibGuide.
12:45 - 1:15 pm - Testing and Education Reference Center – Haley Wallace – Gale Training Consultant
Preparing for the next step in education or a career can be a confusing time.  Testing and Education Reference Center (TERC) can help guide your students and patrons in a direction that’s right for them.  Whether you are working with students exploring higher education, recent graduates embarking on career paths, or business veterans in need of a change, TERC will provide you with support tools, including practice exams, financial aid information, school and scholarship searches, resume tools and career aids. In this session we will explore the different tools available to customize a unique plan for the needs of your students and patrons in order to improve their test taking strategies and prepare them for what's next!   
1:30 - 2:00 pm – TEL us about the Historical Nashville Tennessean- Linda Cubias – ProQuest Senior Training Partner
Starting October 1, Tennesseans will have access to the full run of the Nashville Tennessean (1812-2002) through TEL.  We will look at ways to bring your ancestors to life giving them images and color and personality using the Historical Tennessean to complement your other genealogical resources. You will also see how to access support, help pages, and the new LibGuide.
2:15 - 2:45 pm - Homework Help and your TEL Gale Resources – Haley Wallace – Gale Training Consultant
Navigating homework and research in this digital age can be tricky. Fortunately, your Tennessee Electronic Library resources will allow you to help make your students and patron’s study time a breeze! In this session, we will review Kids InfoBits and the In Context Gale resources to provide you with ideas for search navigation and how to use document tools to help students quickly collect and manage relevant content for their projects.  Whether you support K12 students in a public or school library, you will leave this session confident and ready to guide students to find the material they need to be successful. 
Tech Showcase
Microsoft Device Bar featuring Surface and HoloLens (demonstrated by Andrew Cardwell and colleagues)
Virtual Reality in the NPL Studio (3rd Floor) thanks to Nashville Public Library and the Nashville Public Library Foundation (demonstrated by Ryan Darrow and Niq Tognoni)
Makey Makey units - UT Knoxville Libraries (demonstrated by Michelle Brannan)
Padcast kits - UT Knoxville Libraries  (demonstrated by Michelle Brannan)
360* camera - UT Knoxville Libraries  (demonstrated by Michelle Brannan)
transcription foot pedals - UT Knoxville Libraries  (demonstrated by Michelle Brannan)
Drones - Austin Peay State University (demonstrated by APSU GIS)
Virtual Reality devices- Austin Peay State University (demonstrated by APSU GIS)
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Volunteer ($1500 +)
Ingram Book Company

Jubilee ($750+)
EBSCO Information Services

Smoky ($500)
American Psychological Association
SAGE Publishing*
Expak Logistics*
 (will not be present)
The Library Corporation
Taylor & Francis


Kajeet with Verizon - NEW
Oxford University Press

Tech Showcase Products

Makey Makey units
STEM tech items from Barnes & Noble
Microsoft Device Bar featuring Surface and HoloLens
Padcast kits
360* camera
foot pedals
Oculus Rift
HTC Vive


STAT!Ref/Teton Data Systems - $50 gift card*
BrowZine - gift certificate*

Which one is for you? Maybe all of them!

  • DataFest - Presentations from vendors providing products to each library type (Thursday)
  • School Library Collection Fair - K-12 library book vendors (Thursday)
  • Fall Conference - Librarian presentations in each library type, panels, discussions, and a keynote. (Friday)