Tenn-Share DataFest: Prepare to Pivot

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Libraries across Tennessee are preparing to pivot as the state and the world adjust to post-pandemic challenges and the new normal. Tenn-Share’s member libraries demonstrated remarkable resilience in navigating the challenges of 2020: the abrupt arrival of remote work, the closure of many library facilities, the transition to digital programming, and much more.

In addition to working challenges, librarians and library staff were creative responders to the pandemic. All of us can either share our stories or know colleagues who volunteered at local organizations to help alleviate overstretched resources, created new online content to deliver services remotely, acted as contract tracers, or served on committees, groups, and task forces dedicated to helping libraries and other civic organizations navigate the pandemic.

Tenn-Share libraries are robust, creative organizations even during “normal” years, but the lessons of 2020 were a showcase of how libraries not only pivoted but pivoted successfully to keep serving our users, protect the health and safety of both our community and staff, and remain dedicated to our missions.

At the second virtual DataFest and Fall Conference, Tenn-Share wants to celebrate our successes and share how the community can continue to build our shared knowledge and shared innovations together. 

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The Tenn-Share DataFest is a day-long vendor fair and conference held each year for Tenn-Share member library staff. It is FREE for staff, and a nominal fee for vendors.

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