2013 DataFest Schedule Detail

9:55-10:55 am

Librarian-Led, Chattanooga Public Library, represented by Corinne Hill

High Speed Broadband: The New Digital Divide, 9:55-10:55 am, Auditorium

Mobile devices are penetrating lower socio-economic populations faster than any other population yet this population often cannot afford Internet access. As high speed broadband gains traction in our communities it becomes even more unlikely that people will be able to afford access. Anchor institutions such as public libraries and schools are the most economical way for a community to have free access to high speed broadband. Unfortunately, corporations that deliver communities Internet access are not motivated to provide inexpensive access to anchor institutions. Learn how Chattanooga Public Library is delivering gig-a-bit access to the city of Chattanooga.

9:55-10:25 am

JSTOR, represented by Ken DiFiore

Understanding the Future: The Next Wave of JSTOR User Data Analysis, 9:55-10:25 am, room 1B

JSTOR is working on analyzing data from its millions of user interactions to help better understand users, research and teaching.  This session will describe how our data analysis can help librarians understand JSTOR usage trends in their libraries and guide their acquisition of digitized archival collections.

Innovative Interfaces, represented by Carey Hunt

Encore ES:  Innovative's Discovery tool, 9:55-10:25 am, room 2

Encore ES is Innovative's Discovery tool that includes everything E:  ebooks, e-resources, e-digital! The first discovery tool to fully integrate with eBook vendors such as Overdrive and 3M!  Encore ES brings personalized discovery to your library users - keeping them in the library interface to remind them that the library is their source for information! Innovative has established a new partnership with EBSCO, as well, to integrate EBSCO Discovery Service into every Encore search. Come and see a live demonstration of Encore ES with EDS Integration! Innovative is giving away an iPad mini!

10:30-11:55 am

The Latest & Greatest in TEL: Powerspeak and Learning Express 3.0, 10:30-11:55, Computer Lab

10:30-10:55 am

ARTstor, represented by Megan O'Hearn

ARTstor Digital Library, 10:30-10:55 am, room 1B

The ARTstor Digital Library is a nonprofit resource that provides more than 1.6 million digital images in the arts, architecture, humanities, and sciences with tools for teaching and research. The Digital Library serves educators, scholars, curators, librarians, and students at more than 1,500 universities, community colleges, museums, research and public libraries, and K-12 schools in 45 countries worldwide.

Ingram, represented by Whitney Murphy

E-Books made easy through MyiLibrary®, 10:30-10:55 am, room 2

The e-book revolution has created a drastic increase in the number of works being published in electronic format - formats that are in demand by patrons today. Ingram's MyiLibrary® platform is a leading e-content platform that provides schools and libraries with the tools to acquire and access a wide-range of e-books. In this session, Whitney Murphy, Product Manager of MyiLibrary for Ingram, will provide an overview of the platform and will walk-through how easy it is to integrate e-book content options in your system for the diverse communities you serve. 

11:00-11:25 am

Naxos, represented by Nick D'Angiolillo

Naxos Classical Music, 11:00-11:25 am, room 1B

Come enjoy a short walk through some local music history with the World's Leading Classical Music Label, Naxos (Headquartered in Franklin, TN) - and their flagship Naxos Music Library!  We'll show you how find music for every user, across all genre's, and over 1.25 Million tracks of music- so you'll be able to spread music in YOUR neighborhood!  www.NaxosMusicLibrary.com Naxos is giving away a 3 Month Subscription to Naxos Music Library, 3 Month Subscription to Naxos Video Library, 3 Month Subscription to Naxos Jazz Library!

Gale/Cengage Learning, represented by Gerri Brady

National Geographic Virtual Library, 11:00-11:25 am, room 2

National Geographic is the quintessential resource for all libraries! This iconic brand promotes global awareness, covering a vast range of topics - the only online source for the complete magazine from 1888 to today, enriched with hundreds of videos, photos and books and with a separate interface for children.

11:30-11:55 am

Project MUSE, represented by Melanie Schaffner

Project MUSE, 11:30-11:55 am, room 1B

Project MUSE is a rich database of Social Science and Humanities content from over 200 distinguished scholarly and university presses. With more than 550 journals and 23,000 books, Project MUSE provides DRM-free content; unlimited simultaneous usage, printing, and downloading; mobile accessibility; and simultaneous print and electronic publication for new content.  Project MUSE is giving away a Project MUSE logo embroidered messenger bag - it comfortably fits a laptop or several large books!

Recorded Books, represented by Mike Poynter

Zinio, 11:30-11:55 am, room 2

Zinio offers full digital magazines with unlimited, remote access. Easily viewed on any internet-enabled device. Over 900 magazines available including Newsweek, National Geographic, and "O". Genres include: Arts & Crafts, Automotive, Entertainment, Home, Lifestyles, Men, News, Science & Technology, Sports, Women. Available for high school, university and public libraries.

OCLC, represented by Suzanne Butte

The Future of FirstSearch: Gain More Visibility for your Library, 11:30-11:55 am, room 3

Learn how OCLC meets the needs of a diverse group of users with the new experience for FirstSearch. The service integrates the best features of OCLC’s discovery interfaces, so staff and all types of end-users can discover and access resources held in your library alongside those in your group and worldwide. OCLC is giving away an OCLC goodie bag!


TEL & The New Curriculum Standards, 1:15-2:40 pm, Computer Lab

1:15-1:45 pm

Alexander Street Press, represented by Joni Willingham

Alexander Street Press Collections, 1:15-1:40 pm, room 1B

Join Alexander Street Press for a demonstration of brand new online collections in some of academia’s fastest growing disciplines. Come learn about the powerful content being added regularly to Engineering Case Studies Online, Business and Economics in Video, Psychology Experiments Online, LGBT Thought and Culture, Environmental Studies in Video, and more. Get your first look at Alexander Street’s exciting new features—including advanced “smart” browsing, enhanced video and audio players, tools for sharing content, and more.

Innovative Interfaces, represented by Carey Hunt

Sierra, Innovative’s new Library Services Platform, 1:15-1:45 pm, room 2

Introducing the Sierra Services Platform, the latest technology initiative from Innovative Interfaces. Sierra is the perfect, highly scalable bridge between where your library is now and where you’ve always imagined it could go.

Librarian-Led, University of Memphis, represented by Perveen Rustomfram

Websites for All: Free from the Feds!, 1:15-1:40 pm, room 3

Many websites from the federal government provide FREE information targeted to specific groups. This presentation will focus on sites of interest to Hispanics, children, college students, and senior citizens. Discover what’s available on topics such as health, fun learning activities for kids, college search and financial aid, and Social Security.

1:45-2:10 pm

EBSCO, represented by Brittany Bryan and Steve Strother

EBSCO eBooks, 1:45-2:10 pm, room 1B

Learn about the various eBook models that EBSCO offers that can help you and your library meet the diverse needs of your patrons.  Whether it be subject sets, title by title selection, eBook custom collections, Patron Driven Acquisition, or an eBook subscription option, EBSCO has a model that will best fit your library’s and your patrons’ needs.”

Mackin Educational Resources, represented by Laura Hammerschmidt

E-books for K-12, 1:45-2:10 pm, room 2

Laura will talk about how to use eBooks to serve diverse communities in schools.

2:15-2:45 pm

Project MUSE, represented by Melanie Schaffner

Project MUSE, 2:15-2:45 am, room 1B

Project MUSE is a rich database of Social Science and Humanities content from over 200 distinguished scholarly and university presses. With more than 550 journals and 23,000 books, Project MUSE provides DRM-free content; unlimited simultaneous usage, printing, and downloading; mobile accessibility; and simultaneous print and electronic publication for new content.  Project MUSE is giving away a Project MUSE logo embroidered messenger bag - it comfortably fits a laptop or several large books!

Ingram, represented by Ann Clapp

Building a diverse collection with Collection Development and Standing Order Programs, 2:15-2:40 pm, room 2

In a time of budget constraints and fiscal accountability, many libraries are under pressure to find creative and relevant strategies for acquiring and enhancing content for the diverse communities they serve. In this session, Ann Clapp, Manager of Collection Development Programs at Ingram, will review how Ingram’s collection development team and standing order programs can help create a customized collection and save time. Includes details about the new Ingram Categories filter on the iSelect® Build-Your-Own Standing Order Program that allows libraries to identify titles based on locality, demographics, ethnicities, and more to build a special collection or to fulfill specific local needs.

3:15-4:10 pm

Tips & Tricks for Sharing TEL, 3:15-4:10 pm, Computer Lab

3:15-3:40 pm

Rittenhouse, represented by Carrie Vikner

R2 Digital Library, 3:15-3:40 pm, room 1B

The R2 Digital Library from Rittenhouse Book Distributors is a market-leading eBook platform optimized for the health sciences. With a business model that suits libraries of any size or specialization, the R2 Digital Library is a solution for any library with a health sciences collection. While featuring thousands of health sciences titles from leading STM publishers, the R2 Digital Library has the acquisition flexibility, content and integration demanded by the contemporary library.

Gale/Cengage Learning, represented by Sharon Sherman

Artemis, 3:15-3:40 pm, room 2

Artemis Gale’s new, highly innovative resource supports a diverse group of users with intuitive search and useful tools to explore Ethnicity, Religion, Language, Literature and much more, serving all types of populations.  Artemis integrates a number of Gale resources and lets you dig deeper more easily and make new connections!

ProQuest, represented by Mary Miller

Black History Primary Source materials, 3:15-3:40 pm, room 3

ProQuest has a rich variety of offerings of primary sources in a variety of formats.  Come see how these resources complement each other and the amazing information that is now easily accessible that has never been available before - short of traveling to a special library.

3:45-4:10 pm

ARTstor, represented by Lucinda Buckley

Shared Shelf, 3:45-4:10 pm, room 1B

Shared Shelf media management software enables institutions to manage, store, use, and publish their institutional and faculty media collections within their institution or publicly on the Web.

EBSCO, represented by Brittany Bryan and Steve Strother

Reaching Readers, 3:45-4:10 pm, room 2

This session will focus on how to build stronger connections with your community by reaching out to readers where they are – virtually. We will explore ways to move from book delivery to book discovery and look at two tools that help with that – NoveList Select catalog enrichment and LibraryAware, a library marketing and promotion tool.

Sage, represented by Jarrod Roth

Sage Knowledge, 3:45-4:10 pm, room 3       

The presentation will focus on Sage Knowledge, our e-book platform and several of it collections including:  Sociology, Theology, Health Science, etc.  Sage Knowledge addresses research needs at all levels through its more than 2,500 authoritative Social Science resources.  Sage Knowledge contains:  Monographs, encyclopedias, handbooks, and professional development titles; UK, US, India, Corwin and some CQ Press Library titles.  Our authors are leading academics who contribute to the knowledge base in a way that only SAGE can.  These titles are the most current - from online teaching in the digital age to global warming - and reflect the trends in core subjects like counseling, politics, business and management.  They also are on hot topics, including diversity, leadership, and psychology.  Content will be highly discoverable from the open web at title and chapter level via search engines.