School Library Collection Fair

School Library Collection Fair will be held on Thursday, October 17, 2019

We invite all of your favorite book vendors, publishers and database distributors that serve the school library market. School librarians from across Tennessee are welcome.

Vendor Registration

Attendee Registration

Breakfast and lunch will be provided. We will also have sessions during DataFest (same registration) for school library staff throughout the day. 

If you have suggestions of vendors you would like to see, please contact Tenn-Share.

Previous Collection Fairs:


  1. Bound to Stay Bound Books
  2. Capstone Publishing (sponsor)
  3. Children's Plus
  4. ENA
  5. Follett Books (sponsor)
  6. Gumdrop Books
  7. Mackin Books
  8. Mike Howard Educational Services (sponsor)
  9. Rainbow Book Company
  10. Recorded Books/RB Digital (sponsor)
  11. Scholastic Book Publishing (sponsor)
  12. Sebco Books
  13. Tennessee Electronic Library (TEL)
  14. Vincent and Vincent Booksellers
  15. World Book