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Welcome to the new Board members for 2018

Tenn-Share is pleased to announce the Board of Directors for 2018. Remember, they are your representatives to tell Tenn-Share what your library needs or wants related to resource sharing, and what you need or want related to information sharing with electronic resource librarian colleagues.

Executive Committee
  • President – Patricia Van Zandt, East Tennessee State University (Jan 18-Dec 19)
  • Vice President/President – Stuart Gaetjens, Tennessee Tech University (Jan 18-Dec 21)
  • Past-President – Leah Allison, St. George's Independent School, Collierville (Jan 18-Dec 19)
  • Secretary – Heidi Busch, University of Tennessee, Martin (Jan 17-Dec 18)
  • Treasurer – Karen White, University of Tennessee, Martin (Jan 18-Dec 19)
Board Representatives, Academic Libraries
  • Caitlin Harrington, University of Memphis (Jan 18-Dec 19)
  • Michael Hooper, Austin Peay State University (Jan 18-Dec 19)
  • Lori Warren, Chattanooga State Community College (Jan 17-Dec 18)
Board Representative, Public Libraries
  • Jaclyn Anderson, Chattanooga Public Library (Jan 17-Dec 18)
  • Lantonio Jackson, Jackson-Madison County Public Library (Jan 18-Dec 19)
  • April White, Knox County Public Library (Jan 17-Dec 18)
Board Representatives, School Libraries
  • Joyce Claassen, Hillsboro Public Library, Nashville (Jan 17-Dec 18)
  • LeAn Inman, Arlington High School (Jan 18-Dec 19)
  • Carla Whiles, Harold McCormick Elementary School, Elizabethton (Jan 17-Dec 18)
Board Representatives, Special Libraries
  • Amy Gideon, Middle Tennessee School of Anesthesiology, Nashville (Jan 18-Dec 19)
  • Jan Haley, Saint Thomas Hospital West, Nashville (Jan 17-Dec 18)