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October 2017 Report
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President Leah Allison called for nominations for the 2017 Tennessee Resource Sharing Award via two email postings to the TLA and Tenn-Share email lists in September. An announcement was also posted on the Tenn-Share website. Joe Weber, Nominating Committee chair, followed up with a reminder emailed on October 9. Nominations were open for four weeks, and five nominations were received. Voting via email, the committee chose Carolyn Runyon and Mark Baggett as the co-winners for their leadership of the Digital Library of Tennessee project.
Joe Weber distributed an announcement October 4 to the Tenn-Share and TLA email lists, seeking nominations for eight new Board members. Board members whose terms end on December 31, 2017, are Patricia Van Zandt, vice president/president-elect (automatically becomes president); Sue Maszaros, treasurer; Sylverna Ford, academic rep from West TN; Mary Ellen Sloane, academic rep from Middle TN; Dinah Harris, public rep from West TN; Sara Casey, school rep from West TN; and Ashley Bowers and Jan Haley, special library reps.
A second announcement for nominations was emailed October 20, and a follow up reminder will be distributed in early November. In addition, Jenifer Grady posted an announcement on the Tenn-Share website, and also developed a webpage of Board member position descriptions. The nominations deadline is November 13, and the committee expects to have a slate of candidates ready for Board approval by the end of November.
The committee encourages remaining and outgoing Board members to submit nominations and to make sure their colleagues are aware of the opportunities to serve on the Tenn-Share Board.
Respectfully submitted,
Joe Weber, chair