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The Nominating Committee called for nominations for the Tennessee Resource Sharing Award by email postings to TLA-L and the Tenn-Share email list. Nominations were open for two weeks, and two nominations were received. One of the nominees won the award a few years ago, and thus was not considered for this year. After discussion via email, the committee voted to honor the Memphis Area Library Council with the Tennessee Resource Sharing Award for 2016. Nominations will be accepted in October and November for board terms that will come open in January 2017, and the committee expects to have a slate of candidates ready by the end of November. Members whose terms will end in 2016 are Steve Smith, secretary; Julie Lewis, academic rep; Elizabeth Kozlowski and Mary Jane Spehar, public reps; and Stephanie Ham and Sarah Searles, school reps. The committee asks current directors and representatives to talk to your peers and to submit nominations.

Respectfully submitted,
Joe Weber, chair