The work of Tenn-Share is carried out through its committees, which are comprised of volunteers just like you!  Want to lend a hand?  Contact us about the committee you are interested in to inquire about joining.

Conference Committee

Chair: Marcie Boutwell, Bethel University

Committee Members: Genny Carter, Ambrea Johnson, Katie Parr, Deborah Babb, Hannah Brandon, Amber Owrey

The Vice President / President-Elect and Executive Director shall serve as co-chairs of this committee, and shall recruit three or more additional members. This committee is responsible for planning and executing conferences for the organization. This committee also accepts nominations for the Tennessee Resource Sharing Award and allocates the award.

Digital Library of Tennessee Committee

Chair: Vacant

Committee Members: Meredith Louise Hale, Noah Lasley, Ken Middleton, Chinedu Amaefula and Aimee Saunders

Standing members of the committee should include representative(s) that support the technological infrastructure of the service hub from the University of Tennessee Knoxville designated by the Dean of the Libraries at the University of Tennessee Knoxville; and representative(s) from the Tennessee State Library and Archives designated by the Tennessee State Librarian and Archivist. The Executive Director of Tenn-Share shall serve as an ex-officio member. This committee is responsible for promoting the development of the state of Tennessee’s Digital Public Library of America service hub, working in collaboration with the University of Tennessee Knoxville University Library and the Tennessee State Library and Archives.

Executive Committee

Board President and Chair: Jennifer Mezick, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Committee Members: Marcie Boutwell – Vice President/President Elect, Susan Earl – Treasurer, Linnea Minich – Secretary, and Past President – Stuart Gaetjens

The Executive Committee will:

  1. develop an agenda and program for all general meetings and be responsible for securing hosts and speakers for these meetings,
  2. ensure that the organization remains in compliance with the adopted By-laws,
  3. prepare an annual budget that includes anticipated income, expenditures, a contingency fund, and investment.
  4. review dues structure annually.
  5. appoint the Executive Director and facilitate the annual process to review the performance of the Executive Director, with the possibility of providing a merit-based and/or cost-of-living salary increase.
  6. suggest and develop workshops, demonstrations, training programs and other professional development opportunities for the members of Tenn-Share,
  7. receive and respond to suggestions for needed programs, projects and activities from the Board of Directors,
  8. report at least twice a year on the activities of the committee and the Board of Directors to the membership,
  9. make recommendations on policy matters to the Board of Directors,
  10. act on behalf of the Board of Directors as needed between board meetings.

Marketing Committee

Chair: Diette Ward, University of Tennessee, Chattanooga

Committee Members: Julie Fox, Sarah Beth Phillips, Wendy Trenthem, Carolina Connor, Angel Pridgen

This committee is responsible for creating engagement with and awareness of Tenn-Share’s work through outreach to current and prospective members via email marketing, social media, newsletters, and other tools.

Nominating Committee

Chair: Stuart Gaetjens, Tennessee Tech University

Committee Members: Larissa McMahan, Sarah Beth Phillips, Lee Boulie

This committee of three or more persons shall be appointed by the Past-President, who shall serve as chair. It shall be the duty of this committee to: solicit nominations for officers and board members; to hold the elections therefore.

Resource Sharing Committee

Chair: Sofiya Dahman, University of Memphis

Committee Members: Jennifer Breuer, Amanda Dembiec, Calvin Stafford, Amy Chew, Ambrea Johnson, Jennifer Young, Robyn Weisman, Miriam Wnuk

This committee promotes resource sharing initiatives among Tenn-Share members and serves as the main point of contact for ILL in TN. The committee gathers ILL resources and helpful best practices, identifies resource sharing needs and recommends improvements to policies and operations related to borrowing, lending, scanning, shipping, purchase-on-demand practices, and use of ILL statistics. The committee discusses interlibrary loan and delivery strategies, trends, activities and plans professional development trainings and workshops for resource sharing practitioners.

Tenn-Share Electronic Resources Committee (TSERC)

Chair: Sarah Keil, Belmont University

Committee Members: Ed Hughes, Andrea Zielke, John Elliott, Brighid Gonzales

The committee works to achieve cost savings through consortial purchasing of electronic resources by investigating methods, determining priorities, and encouraging participation.  The committee will work with various agencies, including providing input and advisement on content for the Tennessee Electronic Library.