During the annual Fall Conference, Tenn-Share honors and presents awards to selected library staff/groups.  There are three awards:

Tennessee Resource Sharing Award         Deanna Nipp-Kientz Memorial Award          TEL Trainer of the Year

Tennessee Resource Sharing Award

The Tennessee Resource Sharing Award may be presented annually to any person, institution or organization in Tennessee that has done outstanding work in promoting resource sharing within and among Tennessee Libraries and other information agencies.

The recipient will be recognized based on efforts to make available shared library and/or information resources that benefit the organizations involved and the patrons they serve, and that would not be available to them without cooperative efforts.

The award recipient will receive a plaque, and in their honor $100 will be given to a library or other institution of the recipient’s choice that provides resource sharing among Tennessee libraries, with the money being earmarked for resource-sharing services.

Previous recipients:

Deanna Nipp-Kientz Memorial Award

The Deanna Nipp-Kientz Memorial Award was first presented in 2012, in honor of Deanna Nipp-Kientz.  Deanna Nipp-Kientz was Tenn-Share’s longtime Membership Records Coordinator and passed away in June 2012. Deanna set the highest possible bar for volunteerism in Tenn-Share, serving as the Membership Records Coordinator from the very first year that Tenn-Share collected membership dues. Her grace and diligence in dealing with missing, vague or incorrect information to be sure that all members were promptly served earned her the title of “Database Queen” at Tenn-Share’s 2002 Fall Conference.

The selection criteria is a volunteer who works hard for Tenn-Share but in a capacity that will not qualify them for the Tennessee Resource Sharing Award.  The volunteer cannot be serving on the Tenn-Share Board at the time the award is presented.

Previous recipients


TEL Trainer of the Year Award

The TEL Trainer of the Year is selected based on the number of training sessions, distance traveled, and number of attendees at those training sessions, during the fiscal year. To be eligible, TEL trainers must submit their training session information via the online TEL Workshop Reporting form. The final determination is made and the award is given by the Tennessee State Library and Archives during the  Tenn-Share Fall Conference each year.

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