2018 Spring Newsletter

Spring Newsletter
New Tenn-Share Leadership
Patricia Van Zandt of East Tennessee State University is now the Tenn-Share President. As President, Pat will preside over Tenn-Share, plan and direct the work of the organization, appoint committee chairs, and perform other duties assigned to this position.
Stuart Gaetjens from Tennessee Tech University is the newly elected Vice President/President-Elect. Stuart will lead the DataFest and Fall Conference Committee in creating these Tenn-Share conferences.
Leah Allison from St. George's Independent School is now the Past-President and Chair of the nominating committee. This committee will actively seek out individuals this fall to fill in vacant positions and serve on the Tenn-Share board.
New Board Members
Tenn-share welcomes the following people to our board: Karen White, Caitlin Harrington, Michael Hooper, Lantonio Jackson, LeAnn Inman, and Amy Gideon. Click here to find out more about our board members and what library type they represent.
TS Representatives
Your board members have been hard at work. They attended a meeting on Feb. 12 and discussed a number of important topics. Board representatives from each library type will send out an email highlighting items that relate to their peers. If you want to receive these updates, then email Jenifer Grady at execdir@tenn-share.org.
DataFest, School Collection Fair and Fall Conference Recap
If you missed DataFest, School Library Collection Fair, and Fall Conference then you need to check out this video for a brief overview of everything that happened.
However, don't just take our word for it, here is what our Fall Conference Facebook Contest Winner Donna Phillips from Parrott Wood Memorial Library had to say:
Donna, how would you describe your experience at Fall Conference? "It provided great networking, opportunities to meet with book vendors, and provided creative program ideas for our patrons. I am always looking for new ways to learn."
What was your favorite part of the conference? "I loved the panel on Tenn-Share, how they came up with their goals, and how Tenn-Share worked as a team to get things done."
Is there anything from the conference that you used at your own library? "Vendors gave me ideas about books and let me preview them. I can’t always see books before I purchase them."
Would you say the conference was a good use of your time? "Yes, my staff has heard me talk nonstop about the event because I loved every bit of it."
Would you recommend it to other librarians? "Definitely. It is a valuable educational resource. If we don’t go out and seek out workshops and conferences, eventually you will dry up and not have your passion for your job. You've got to keep growing."
DataFest and School Library Collection Fair will be held on Sept. 27 while Fall Conference will be on Sept. 28. Visit our website for updates, registration information, and our Facebook contests!
Call for volunteers
Although DataFest and Fall Conference are scheduled for September, we need your help now to secure presenters, vendors, and more! To volunteer, email Stuart Gaetjens at sgaetjens@tntech.edu
Facebook Page
Have you visited the Tenn-Share's Facebook page lately? If you haven't, you are missing updates, free giveaway items and group discussions on different library topics.
What's New at Tenn-Share
Have you heard?
Tenn-Share and Booklist Online are joining up to save you money! Booklist Online is a subscription database offering 180,000+ reviews, articles (book lists, read-alikes, columns, etc.), and other material from more than 25 years of Booklist and Book Links magazines, with advanced search capabilities and workflow tools. The database is accessed through a website using common authentication options, such as IP range, referring URL, and remote sign-in. Unlimited-use pricing for a full year is based on library type as well as number of district school buildings, public library population served, or academic degrees granted. Want to know more? Email Tenn-Share's Executive Director at execdir@tenn-share.org. Want to subscribe? Fill out this interest survey.
Tenn-Share is working on a K-12 ebook project (KEP). The goal of this project is to create a pleasure reading and fiction ebook platform using Baker's & Taylor's Axis 360. This platform would be different from READS in that it would allow filtering options and eliminate waiting periods, and could be used by both K-12 schools and public libraries statewide.
Tenn-Share's newest addition! RomanceBookCloud is an online collection of over 1200 romance ebooks of all genres with 25 titles added each month. The titles and authors are well known and beloved by romance book lovers and reviewers alike. Unlimited-use pricing for a full year is based on population size served. Free trial runs up through April 30, 2018. Let us know what you think by filling out this interest survey. Interest survey will be up through May 31.
Let's go Platinum! Tumblebooks has a Platinum subscription which allows public libraries to provide their patrons unlimited and unrestricted access to the collection from any school or educational institution served by the library! It includes unlimited and remote access to over 1,200 children's ebooks, quizzes, lesson plans, book reports, and the Common Core Portal! Try it free through April 30 by clicking on the links below. Want to subscribe? Fill out this interest survey by May 31.
1)     TumbleBookLibrary-premium (K-6; core collection of animated, talking, picture books plus graphic novels and math stories as well as chapter books, National Geographic videos and non-fiction). List price is $799/school/library. Trial link
2)     TumbleBookCloud (middle/high schools/teens): ebooks, enhanced ebooks, videos, non-fiction, audio books, graphic novels, videos. List price is $799/school/library. Trial link
3)     AudioBookCloud (for adults and teens): online streaming audio books; no downloads, just click and listen. Over 1000 books in contemporary, classics, fiction, non-fiction and more! List price is $999/school/library. Trial link
Featured Resource
This month's featured resource is EBSCO Business Source Complete. This is a resource for Academic and Public libraries. It is the world's definitive scholarly business database
with journals as far back as 1886. Tenn-Share members receive a 10% discount to this database. Click here for more information about this resource.
KEP Volunteers
Are you interested in working with Tenn-Share to help get the K-12 ebook project established? Then why not volunteer to be on the KEP committee? Staff from any library type are welcome to join. Please email Leah Allison at lallison@sgis.org for more info and to sign up.
Tenn-Share Membership and Benefits
Tenn-Share membership renewals will begin in April. You will find renewal instructions hereIf you are wondering what benefits your membership gives you, click here!
For those who already have memberships, don't forget to take advantage of your Ingram, Demco, and Junior Library Guild benefits. Also we want to thank the 91 public and 87 school libraries that purchased a Movie License from MLUSA this year using their Tenn-Share discount.
Database Tutorials
Would you like more training on different databases so you can better teach your patrons and students on how to use them? Most database vendors offer webinars and training support centers. For instance, TEL has training videos on its main page, GALE has a web page devoted to training and so do many other databases.
Join Tenn-Share Database Groups
Some of Tenn-Share's vendors grandfather in libraries to our discount groups, meaning they will add current subscribers that are not in the group to join and receive a discount. Vendors offering this service are identified with an asterisk on the Databases page. In addition, Tenn-Share has started adding links to tutorials on individual product webpages as well as voluntary product accessibility templates.
Farewell to Erin Loree,
TEL Administrator
Tenn-Share would like to thank Erin Loree for her service as the TEL Administrator. Erin did an amazing job and Tenn-Share wishes her the best for the future.
?Some of you may not know this, but TEL started out as a Tenn-Share idea in 1992. However, it was not until 1999 that TEL became a reality when Rep. Matt Kisber, D-Jackson, and Sen. Ward Crutchfield, D-Chattanooga, sponsored the bills in the House and Senate respectively, creating TEL. Through the cooperation of Tenn-Share, TLA, FOTL, as well as the entire library community, and through the continued support of the Tennessee State Library and the state of Tennessee, TEL has been able to thrive for more than ten years! Click here for a complete history of Tenn-Share.
Do you have other colleagues who would like to receive Tenn-Share’s newsletter? Then tell them to email Jenifer Grady at execdir@tenn-share.org so they can be added to our contact list.
We hope you enjoyed Tenn-Share's Spring Newsletter!