2014 Collection Fair

The School Library Collection Fair was held on Thursday, September 25 at the Nashville Public Library Conference Center.  We are inviting all of your favorite vendors, publishers and database distributors that serve the school library market. The fair is free to attend and but registration is appreciated.  Breakfast and an afternoon snack will be provided; lunch is on your own. School librarians from across Tennessee are welcome.

If you have suggestions of vendors you would like to see, please contact Tenn-Share.

Confirmed vendors that will be attending:

  1. Baker & Taylor - represented by Rebecca Ortiz
  2. Bound to Stay Books - represented by Janet Muegge
  3. Follett Library Resources, Inc. - represented by Jon Duncan
  4. Capstone Books - represented by Mike Howard
  5. Howard Books - represented by Mike Howard
  6. Children's Plus, Inc. - represented by Suzy Burquist
  7. Britannica Digital Learning - represented by Gladys Brown
  8. MackinVIA - represented by Laura Hammerschmidt
  9. Perma-Bound - represented by Kristen Ives
  10. Vincent and Vincent Booksellers - represented by Sarah and Debbie Vincent
  11. Garrett Books - represented by Cindy Jantz
  12. Tennessee Electronic Library (TEL) - represented by Wendy Cornelisen
  13. Davidson Titles - represented by Jim Davidson
  14. Gale Digital Offerings - represented by Ben Myers
  15. World Book - represented by MaryAnn Thompson
  16. Apple Books - represented by Artur Zarzycki
  17. Gumdrop Books - represented by Doug Parker
  18. Ingram Content Group - represented by Candy Ortman
  19. Mason Crest - represented by Ben Cowan
  20. Movie Licensing USA - represented by MJ Misselhorn

Vendor information letter If you have questions, please contact Tenn-Share.

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