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Tenn-Share's OCLC Interlibrary Loan Group allows you to quickly find other Tenn-Share member libraries to borrow from on OCLC's WorldCat Resource Sharing platform. You can then use custom strings to further narrow down to the libraries nearest you, or other criteria (such as users of the same courier service that your library uses). This also works with the OCLC WorldCat Resource Sharing deflection functionality.

The group symbol is TNSH. The group began with about 60 Tennessee libraries who participate in the Tenn-Share discount on FirstSearch. If your library is in the group you will see the group symbol in your institutional policy directory account as well as on the Lender Pending/In Process ILL request.

Interlibrary Loan

In a 2011 Conference breakout session, Tony Melvyn of OCLC spoke about how you can start to offer interlibrary loan to your patrons using WorldCat Resource Sharing. Here are the slides of his presentation.

Limitless Libraries is recipient of the 2011 Tennessee Resource Sharing Award

The recipient of the 2011 Tennessee Resource Sharing Award is Limitless Libraries, a unique partnership between Nashville Public Library (NPL) and Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) that combines the purchasing power and resources of both entities to facilitate students' access to library resources wherever they are in the city. Students can borrow resources from NPL to their school library; NPL has started purchasing resources for MNPS; and the two institutions have started buying e-resources together.

Accepting the award presented by Tricia Bengel, Tenn-Share President, at the Tenn-Share Conference on October 28, was Danielle Mezera, Director for the Mayor's Office of Youth and Children. Ms Mezera and Nashville Mayor Karl Dean conceived of the program; it was led by Ms Mezera.


DataFest, Conference, Collection Fair

Tenn-Share's annual fall events are fast approaching! The DataFest, Thursday, October 27, is free but requires registration. The Conference, Friday, October 28, requires registration and payment of a fee that can be paid by check of PayPal. The School Library Collection Fair, Thursday and Friday, October 27 and 28, is free also. All three events are open to librarians from all types of libraries.

Resource Sharing Award Nominations

Please help us identify a person, institution or organization on our state that as done outstanding work in promoting resource sharing among Tennessee libraries this year.

The recipient of the Tennessee Resource Sharing Award will be recognized based on efforts to make available shared library and/or information resources that benefit the organizations involved and the patrons they serve, and that would not be available to them without cooperative efforts. 

Further information about the Resource Sharing Award

Please use this form for nominations.

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