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Anniversary of Executive Director

Happy anniversary to Jenifer Grady, who became Tenn-Share Executive Director one year ago. Tenn-Share member library staff, the Board, and other stakeholders appreciate your hard work, Jenifer. Thank you for all you do to keep everything running and moving forward.

Tenn-Share survey for its next big thing


Please complete this brief survey to help the New Projects Committee determine what Tenn-Share should investigate next to leverage our diverse state-wide membership into doing the most good.  There are just seven choices, plus whatever you want to add.  The chair would appreciate your feedback by the end of May, 2013.


Kevin Merriman is the Chair of the New Projects Committee and he is also looking to recruit a few committee members from the different constituencies, so please contact him with people you know who have talent for investigation, evaluation, and communications.  kevin [dot] merriman [at] memphis [dot] edu.

The full charge of the committee is:

Identify specific projects (and sub-projects when applicable) with timelines and measurable objectives

which independently or collectively would realize one or more of the following (modified) goals of the Strategic Plan:

-          Explore, identify, and recommend additional services/products that could be offered that would levy surcharges.

-          Explore, identify, and recommend grant and sponsorship opportunities.

-          Explore, identify, and recommend Implement additional consortial purchasing of ebooks


Tenn-Share Spring Database Offers


If you haven't heard already, Tenn-Share's spring offers are on the Databases page - http://tenn-share.org/resources/databases.  They are organized by library type.  Please indicate if you are interested in a subscription for your library by Friday, April 26th.  Completing the form does not obligate your library, it just means that I should forward you a quote.  Participation is for members only.  Also, after receiving member response and quotes, participation numbers will determine whether Tenn-Share goes forward with a database discount group.

Please remember that Tenn-Share is able to secure these discounts for members of the consortia in part from the small surcharge it levies on each subscription - http://www.tenn-share.org/resources/members.

Contact execdir[at]tenn-share.org if you have questions.  Thank you.


Summer Renewals Interest 2013

Tenn-Share has a number of renewals coming up in the next few months for current offers - see the Databases page for details about the resources.  If you are thinking about or interested in joining our existing groups for the databases listed below, please respond by Friday, April 5.  Please fill out this brief form - http://www.tenn-share.org/resources/summer2013renewals.  Completing the form does not obligate your library to purchase - it just tells Tenn-Share that you want a quote.  If your library already subscribes to these resources through Tenn-Share, we will contact you in a few weeks.  Thank you!

  • (Alexander Street Press) World History in Video-July 1
  • (Columbia) Granger's World of Poetry-July 1
  • (Columbia) CIAO: Columbia International Affairs Online-July 1
  • (EBSCO) Business Source Complete-July 1
  • (Facts on File) Films on Demand-July 1
  • (LexisNexis) Academic-July 1
  • (OCLC) FirstSearch WorldCat (Base Package optional add-on)-June 1
  • (ProQuest) ASI Abstracts, Congressional, Congressional Indexes, IIS Abstracts, SRI Abstracts, Statistical Insight Tables, Statistical Datasets-July 1 
  • (Yale) EHRAF & Archeology-July 1


Internship Opportunities Available

Tenn-Share seeks interns who are currently in library school for two initiatives.  Both internships are unpaid but the knowledge gained will be invaluable as you begin your career.  Tenn-Share is Tennessee’s consortium, serving libraries of all types.  Tenn-Share’s 600+ member libraries save money on materials by taking advantage of multiple resource sharing services including a statewide courier service for interlibrary loan and cooperative electronic resource purchases. Learn about the inner workings of a diverse association with this special opportunity.  If you are interested, please complete the Internship Volunteer form.

Internship #1:  Return on Investment (ROI) study requires

•    advanced skill with reading, manipulating and creating Excel spreadsheets

•    the ability to synthesize multiple data sources

•    experience with converting data analysis to narrative formats

•    extraordinary attention to detail

•    good organizational skills

•    interest in library materials budgeting (preferred)

Internship #1 Details

Complete Return on Investment (ROI) study, analyzing the past three years of data for each database, consortial discounts and price increases, and provide a report on savings for all members participating in group database purchases.  In addition to ROI, this will provide data for decision-making by Tenn-Share’s Electronic Resources Committee and Executive Board.

Time commitment:  30 hours total

Internship #2:  Membership and office assistance requires

•    Availability 2 hours per week

•    skill with reading, manipulating and creating Excel spreadsheets

•    customer service experience

•    strong writing skills

•    extraordinary attention to detail

•    good organizational skills

•    effective interpersonal communication skills

Time commitment:  2 hours per week through June 2013 (negotiable)

Internship #2 Details

Intern will update subscription, courier and membership lists.  Intern will provide invaluable assistance during the beginning of the membership cycle.

Contact members when emails bounce back and update relevant spreadsheets/records with new contact information.

Other duties as assigned.


Both interns must be dependable, communicate well and regularly with Tenn-Share’s Executive Director, and sign a confidentiality agreement.

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