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Tenn-Share Call for Proposals for DataFest and Fall Conference Programs

"Who are the people in your neighborhood?"  Effectively serving our libraries' diverse users

is the theme of the Tenn-Share 2013 DataFest and Fall Conference, to be held at the Nashville Public Library on September 19th and 20th.  Elements that comprise diversity can include language, socioeconomic levels, religion, ethnicity/race, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, geographic location, education level (Common Core and Complete College Tennessee Act), national origin, immigration status, political beliefs, and more.  

DataFest features vendors presenting on how their products can help you serve your community.  There are also 25-minute slots at DataFest for presentations by library staff who are using some aspect of technology or electronic resources to serve a diverse population.  Please submit your ideas!

Fall Conference sessions are 50 minutes and will feature presentations and workshops to share information about programs, services, resources, or strategies employed to meet the needs of a diverse population.

The 2013 Fall Conference is seeking proposals that will be informative and relevant, based on theory, research, and practice, encourage opportunities for learner engagement, and/or demonstrate application to the work of participants.  In particular, Tenn-Share is keen to receive proposals that will share programs, services, resources, and strategies that they are employing that help them address our theme.

Possible presentation topics could include:

o   using electronic resources to meet the needs of diverse or marginalized populations;

o   the digital divide;

o   marketing credible resources for minority populations; and

o   minimizing/eliminating accessibility barriers to electronic resources.

If you can show how your staff and library deliver best practices using approaches for different types of users based on or supported by research, have cutting edge ideas, or want to stimulate and provoke discussion related to the theme, we want to hear from you!  We invite entries from all library types, departmental roles and levels of staff.

Submit your proposal here by August 9:


Proposals will be reviewed and presenters will be notified by August 16. 

Save the Date for DataFest, Fall Conference & the School Library Collection Fair

Tenn-Share invites you to mark your calendars and make arrangements to attend the 2013 DataFest, School Library Collection Fair and Fall Conference on September 19th and 20th, 2013.  Details about the event and registration are forthcoming.  The theme for DataFest and Fall Conference is "Who are the people in your neighborhood?  Effectively serving our libraries' diverse users."* And trust me, the perspective on the meaning of diverse will be diverse.   


Anniversary of Executive Director

Happy anniversary to Jenifer Grady, who became Tenn-Share Executive Director one year ago. Tenn-Share member library staff, the Board, and other stakeholders appreciate your hard work, Jenifer. Thank you for all you do to keep everything running and moving forward.

Tenn-Share survey for its next big thing


Please complete this brief survey to help the New Projects Committee determine what Tenn-Share should investigate next to leverage our diverse state-wide membership into doing the most good.  There are just seven choices, plus whatever you want to add.  The chair would appreciate your feedback by the end of May, 2013.


Kevin Merriman is the Chair of the New Projects Committee and he is also looking to recruit a few committee members from the different constituencies, so please contact him with people you know who have talent for investigation, evaluation, and communications.  kevin [dot] merriman [at] memphis [dot] edu.

The full charge of the committee is:

Identify specific projects (and sub-projects when applicable) with timelines and measurable objectives

which independently or collectively would realize one or more of the following (modified) goals of the Strategic Plan:

-          Explore, identify, and recommend additional services/products that could be offered that would levy surcharges.

-          Explore, identify, and recommend grant and sponsorship opportunities.

-          Explore, identify, and recommend Implement additional consortial purchasing of ebooks


Tenn-Share Spring Database Offers


If you haven't heard already, Tenn-Share's spring offers are on the Databases page - http://tenn-share.org/resources/databases.  They are organized by library type.  Please indicate if you are interested in a subscription for your library by Friday, April 26th.  Completing the form does not obligate your library, it just means that I should forward you a quote.  Participation is for members only.  Also, after receiving member response and quotes, participation numbers will determine whether Tenn-Share goes forward with a database discount group.

Please remember that Tenn-Share is able to secure these discounts for members of the consortia in part from the small surcharge it levies on each subscription - http://www.tenn-share.org/resources/members.

Contact execdir[at]tenn-share.org if you have questions.  Thank you.


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