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Courier service start-up

By the end of the summer, Tennessee will have a statewide library courier service.  After months of hard work, Tenn-Share’s RFP Committee selected RR Donnelley as our winning courier vendor.

Called Firefly, this Tenn-Share courier will provide 2 days a week service for all participating libraries. We do not have the final price yet as that will be determined by the total number of libraries who join the initial July-September implementation. Currently, we estimate each participant's cost to be between $1,400-$1,500 a year for 2 days a week service. There will also be options for 3 days and 5 days a week service at higher rates.

Currently, we have over 200 libraries willing to join the network. The Tennessee State Library and Archive plans to provide the service for over 180 public libraries throughout the state. Jennifer Cowan-Henderson is managing the TSLA project. David Atkins is currently coordinating the registration of non-TSLA libraries.

If you are a TSLA supported public library or if you have already registered with Tenn-Share as one of our original RFP libraries, you are good to go. You needn’t register again.

However, if you aren’t a TSLA supported public library and you haven’t registered and want to sign up for the service, complete this form. If you were one of the original RFP libraries, you should have already been contacted regarding joining the courier.

In registering, we will pass your information along to the vendor and we will work your library into our final cost quote. Once the quote is set, Tenn-Share will contact you with the option to purchase the service for an annual fee. In the coming months we’ll also provide information on how to purchase reusable shipping bags plus helpful how-to’s on using the courier.

If you are wondering if the courier will be a cost effective replacement for your current shipping methods and if you don’t have ready access to your actual shipping costs, use the Tennessee Shipping Costs Worksheet and Calculator. This spreadsheet helps estimate shipping costs via USPS, including supplies.

A hearty thank you to our RFP Committee for their hard work and support of this tremendous undertaking: David Atkins, UT, Knoxville; Christy Groves, Middle Tennessee State Univ.; Theresa Liedtka, UT, Chattanooga; Tricia Bengel, Nashville Public; and Yildiz Binkley, Tennessee State Univ.  Chuck Sherrill and Jennifer Cowan-Henderson at TSLA provided helpful information to the committee about the regional library system's needs.