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Firefly library closings reporting form -  http://www.tenn-share.org/firefly/closings2014

Firefly library closings list - http://www.tenn-share.org/firefly/closingslist

What is Firefly?

Conference presentation Part I and Part II

How does Firefly work? (.pdf)

Firefly courier service began on Wednesday, January 2, 2013.


Check our Training page for lots of Firefly training resources.

The first training webinars were December 19 and 21, 2012.  Download the slides for the basics training course.  We will announce future dates.


It's easy to join the Firefly courier network and start saving time. Just fill out this registration form and you can have your first pickup and delivery about a week later.

Email Jodie Gambill to be added to the Firefly listserv for important communications to Firefly members. If you have any general questions, suggestions, hints or epiphanies, please share with the listserv, FIREFLY@LIST.VANDERBILT.EDU.

Get bags

Realize significant savings of materials handling by ordering courier bags at half off through Tenn-Share.

Add symbols

We should all add FIREFLY to a specific field in the Constant Data in OCLC and/or AGent so that it shows up in each request. We're looking for a quick and simple reminder to ship items via the courier. Please use the listserv to suggest where this symbol should go. When this is standardized, we'll put that information on this site so that we are all consistent.

If you are on OCLC, you can have your institution's symbol added to our Tenn-Share ILL group.


Glowworm hatches

short list of libraries hatched Tenn-Share's brand new state-wide courier service from July through December 2012.  We called this temporary network Glowworm.